Times and Seasons

How are we to discern the times?  By understanding God’s Calendar.  Often it has been called the “Jewish Calendar” for the simple reason that for centuries Jews are the only people who have used it.  In truth, this is the Hebrew Calendar based on the commandments of the Lord.  And while there is still debate as to the specifics of this calendar (such as the reckoning of the New Moon at the start of each month), those who want to know the appointed times of the Lord should become familiar with His instructions on how to measure time.

In recent years, Christians have become aware of the wisdom in learning and following God’s Calendar.  This is all part of the process of discerning times and seasons so that we are not caught unaware and unprepared in these Last Days.  These articles are an attempt to help with that process.

Last Supper, Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret

Miriam, Did You Know?

Recently The Barking Fox looked at the reasons Hebrew Roots believers have opted out of Christmas. Here is an excellent presentation about why we have

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Why Amalek Matters

A Jewish friend once told me that in some Jewish circles the way to celebrate Purim is to drink so much at the party that

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Assorted Antichrists

It is a peculiar thing that the book of Esther does not mention God, particularly since the hand of God is evident throughout the story. 

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Demystifying the Calendar

One of the greatest successes of the enemy of our souls has been separating God’s people from His calendar.  Why is this important?  Because satan

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