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Switft Fox ShemaWhat you will see on The Barking Fox is a mix of short “thought pieces”, and lengthier probes into more complicated subjects.  Every post will have roots in one or more biblical themes and will attempt to suggest direct application to daily life.  The “thought pieces” are just what that term says:  observations designed to get readers to ponder the topic and hopefully investigate it further on their own.  That is also the intent of the longer publications, but those will cover more ground and probe more deeply, with the goal of presenting more complete investigation of the topics at hand.  In the interest of keeping every post to a manageable length, the longer pieces will be presented in several parts over the course of a week or two.

As for new posts, don’t expect  to see any here for the foreseeable future. In the interest of collaboration with fellow servants of the Most High, I am now contributing the the ministries listed here. Please check them out to see not only what I’m doing, but what a number of awesome people are doing as look eagerly toward Messiah’s return!

B’ney Yosef North America (

Founded In Truth Messianic Congregation (

Fostering the Family (

Nations 9th of Av (


Prayer Surge Now (



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