Bible Commentary

"The Feeding of the Five Thousand" Victoria & Albert Museum

“The Feeding of the Five Thousand”
Victoria & Albert Museum

These pages contain lengthier essays and presentations, some of which were originally posted in several parts.  The overall theme is how to live according to the Commandments of the Lord.  In other words, how to imitate Messiah Yeshua and live according to the example He gave us.  It may be surprising to find Jewish teachings here in these offerings.  After all, what Yeshua taught and lived, and what His Apostles walked out, was what the Lord explained first to Moses and the Prophets.

Take some time and chew on these articles.  There are some meaty parts in there that require careful digestion.  If they generate comments, questions, and interest in further investigation, then I have done my job!

God’s Calendar

Last Days?

The Apostle Paul Revisited

Paul’s Argument with Jesus, Part I

Paul’s Argument with Jesus, Part II

Paul’s Argument with Jesus, Part III

Paul’s Argument with Jesus, Part IV

Paul Without Hair

Paul and the Liars’ Club

The Jerusalem Debate

Godly Living

40 Days of Repentance: “Fruit of an Unrepentant Heart” – B’ney Yosef North America

A House Divided

Applied Behavior Analysis:  Making a Difference One Heart at a Time

Fruit Loops

How Names Matter

How to Build on the Right Foundation:  What the Bible Says About Good Works

Intentional Faithfulness:  Meditations on What It Means to Be Human

Keith Green – Nearly 35 Years Gone and Still Ministering

The Lie of Sennacherib

My Favorite Super Bowl Commercial:  What Do I Tell My Daughter?

Regard for the Lives of Our Animals

“When Troubles Come”:  A Tribute to Dr. Edgar M. Arendall

Hebrew Roots Perspectives

7 Ways to Share Your Faith With Your Friends & Family – Kayte Abaffy

Church as we know it is over . . .

The Curse of Jeconiah

Edible Rubies, Liquid Diamonds, and an Ox

The Evolution of Words:  What Is A Gentile?

Finding Israelite Identity in the New Covenant

Five Loaves, Two Fish, One Messiah:  Lessons on God’s Plan from the Feeding of the Five Thousand

Joseph Torah Portions

Kingdom Power in Context: A Review of The Restoration and the Gifts of the Spirit by Dr. David E. Jones

Leviticus 19 ~ Apologetically, A Most Useful Chapter!

Loving Father or Unpredictable Tyrant: A Question About God’s Mercy

Of Crockett and Christ

Outrage in Hebrew, Indifference in Latin

Pictures for Pondering

Pictures for Pondering II

Predestined Identity?

…the land thou abhorrest shall be forsaken…

The Urgency of Finding Jesus in the Old Testament

Torah in the Book of the ACTS of the Apostles – Chapters 1-5

What is Torah Anyway?

Which Veil? | 119 Ministries

Christian Perspectives

Revelation 8-11 as a New Exodus

Jewish Teaching

A Christian Guide to Parenting, Jewish Style

A Jewish Question for All of God’s People: “We were given the Torah, but have we received it?”

Bechukotai: Why Would God Curse His People? – AlephBeta

How to Avoid Leprosy

Of Pharaohs and Free Will

The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament (Ruach Hakodesh in Tanach – Divine Concealment)

To My Daughter the Bride:  A Lesson in Chosenness

Vayakhel: What Does It Mean To Be the Image of God?


© Albert J. McCarn and The Barking Fox Blog, 2014-2016.  Permission to use and/or duplicate original material on The Barking Fox Blog is granted, provided that full and clear credit is given to Albert J. McCarn and The Barking Fox Blog with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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