So Why the Silly Name Anyway?

There is no deep, theological meaning behind “The Barking Fox”.  The name originated in something that happened a few years ago when we were living in Northern Virginia.  One night I heard a strange sound outside our house.  When I looked, there was a red fox across the street barking.  It sounded something like this.

As far as I can recall, that was the first time I ever heard what the fox says.  It occurred to me that “The Barking Fox” would be a great name for something like a pub or a bar (or, oddly enough, a Chinese restaurant in England).  It is unlikely that I will ever own a pub, but when I decided to start this blog and was thinking of a name, “The Barking Fox” came readily to mind.  It’s not quite the name that gets associated with significant biblical themes, but it does get attention!


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  1. I thought I would read from your explanation on “Why the Silly Name” what the sound of the barking fox suggested to you, and what effect it had on your spiritual status, and then consequently, why you determined to associate such a holy Calling to such sound, which appears to be meaningless to others, other than the fact that that is the sound God gave that specie to make its inner desires/feelings known to the other species. I did not get such a fulfillment though.Maybe I would have been encouraged by a better choice of name, to delve more into your message; but not at this time.

    1. Thank you, Dr. Abraham, for visiting the blog. I regret that my explanation of “The Barking Fox” did not meet your expectations. In truth, when the inspiration came to start this blog over three years ago, no other name seemed appropriate. I have wondered if it would be good to change the name to something more descriptive of the contents, and will continue to pray over that question. I do appreciate your comment, and hope that you will come back in the future.

      1. I sure would continue to visit because I like good things and love to encourage as many as I believe are doing something worth while. I see that there is so much to cherish on your website and that was why I wrote to opine that what I see on your site cannot be termed as meaningless noise like the barking of a fox. To the animal world, it sure is meaningful but to us human beings, I still think we need to obtain the intelligence of Adam in naming all the things God made without any error, to make any sense of the barking of foxes….and by the way, what do you think of Luke 13:32: (please read in context) Was that a commendation, or condemnation? Why would you associate your noble work with a questionable character like a fox? Please continue to pray God to speak to you definitely. I will not raise this issue again, because it seems I am pestering you over this topic, even though I still believe your work deserves more honor than the name is attracting.
        If you have some extra free time, I request that you kindly visit my site ( and let me have your opinion and how I could possibly improve on it and make it more productive. Thanks

  2. Hi, I thought the name Barking Fox very intriguing. It caused me to look at your blog. I happened upon your blog whilst looking for a local Messianic service to attend in Tauranga New Zealand. I have been a Christian since 1982 and recently felt the urge to learn Hebrew to enable me to understand the Bible better. So now I feel led to find a local Messianic service to bring me together with other believers. As we get closer to our Lord’s return I feel we are being drawn together with other believers from many different congregations to form the Body of Christ as He intends.

    Bless you

  3. I was thinking that maybe the barking fox was a type of warning. For instance, maybe there was a danger present and the fox was the first to become aware of it and alert his fellow fixed. In any case, I’m glad to know that you are in the exclusive club that knows “what does the fox say?”.

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