Margot Crossing & Richard Hewitt: Lost Tribes Institute, part 1

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Amazing things start to happen when people actually believe God will do what He says and take action on that belief. We step out in faith that God will heal us, provide financial and other resources, and guide our paths in life. Why, then, do we have trouble believing God will restore all of Israel’s Lost Tribes as He has promised?

Margot Crossing and Richard Hewitt have learned to believe God’s promises to regather and restore all Israel. That’s why they have been working for many years among people groups in Asia who know their connection to ancient Israel, and why they are shepherding the establishment of an institute to dedicate serious academic attention to this subject. They just took a major step by participating in the Interconnectivity of Ancient Israel in Asia Symposium in Aizawl, India, in November 2023. In this three-part interview, we hear about the symposium, and about the contributions to it by scholars from Japan, Korea, India, and other nations. 

Why is God working to restore all of Israel’s tribes just as He has restored the Jewish remnant of Israel? Because this is the way He will glorify His Name throughout the earth. He’s in the process not only of regathering Israel, but also building His people into the righteous nation He has always intended. We hear something about that in, “Like A Tree,” the latest midrash from  Barry Phillips and David Jones. Righteousness is also the inspiration for our musical guests, the Aleph Tav Band, and Dylan White.

To learn more about research on Israel’s Lost Tribes, check out the following links:

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