Keith Green – Nearly 35 Years Gone and Still Ministering

As The Barking Fox and others have noted in recent days, this is the season of repentance.  Why?  Because of all the Appointed Times of the Almighty (also called the Feasts of the Lord), the most holy day is Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.  The 40 days prior to that day are the best time for YHVH’s people to examine themselves and make every effort to remove any hindrances to their relationship with their God and with one another.

There are many excellent resources to help those who are taking this seriously.  One is the B’ney Yosef North America 40 Days of Repentance daily meditations.  Here is another:  a voice stilled long before it should have been, but never silenced.

Keith Green ministered to me and to multitudes of young people in the ’70s and ’80s.  He was the voice of those in our generation who longed for a deeper, genuine walk with Yeshua (Jesus), the Messiah who promised to introduce us to the Father of all life (John 14:6-7).  The seeds planted through Keith’s ministry in music are still bearing fruit.  Listen now to this offering from his works – the sound of a heart yearning for repentance.




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Author: Albert J. McCarn

I am a lifelong disciple of Jesus (Yeshua) of Nazareth, an avid student of the Bible, a devoted husband and father, a 29-year veteran of the United States Army, and a historian who connects people with their own stories.

3 thoughts on “Keith Green – Nearly 35 Years Gone and Still Ministering”

  1. Thanks for sharing! This brought back many memories. I saw Keith in Columbia SC in 1982, only a few weeks after being born again of Yah’s spirit. The Carolina Coliseum had close to 10,000 people there!! It was an awesome experience! I think I have Keith’s entire collection! :0) Life changing music!


    1. Tommy, I was there St that same concert. I, too, was heavily impacted.

      Keith’s music has real staying power because he was so passionate for his Lord. Nothing else mattered and it was obvious.

      Besides the ministry, his music was quality! Great music and great lyrics. Too much of today’s Christian lite lacks at least one of those components…

      Al, thanks for the memories. I’ll have to dig some of his CDs out. I wore out the albums and later the cassettes.


  2. Keith Green is one of my children’s favorites. I think that speaks volumes. It is a testimony of “him being dead yet speaketh” … that the younger generations appreciate his ministry. It’s not just us “old timers”!


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