Fox Byte #1: In the Beginning

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BFB140113 BeresheetThe very first words in the Bible are, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”  (Genesis 1:1).  If you believe that, then you shouldn’t have any trouble believing the rest of the book.  But do you believe it?  Let’s break it down a bit and see:

−  “In the beginning” means this happened at the very start of something, but we don’t exactly know what yet.

−  “God”.  Now we know who the actor is.  It’s some being identified as “God”.  But what exactly did this God do?

−  “Created”.  Looks like this God made something.  Specifically, God made something out of nothing, because that’s what “created” means.  But what did God create?

−  “The heavens and the earth”.  Whoever this God is, he/she/it apparently made the universe – all of space, the earth and its atmosphere, and everything on or in them.  Because of that we can conclude that “In the beginning” means at the very start of life, the universe, and everything, or at least at the start of life, the universe, and everything as human beings have been able to perceive it.

Do you really believe that some super-powerful being called “God” made everything we know?  Or do you believe that everything we know just happened to come into existence all by itself at some point in time?  You can’t have it both ways.  Either there was nothing one day and then the next day space and the earth just appeared, or there was some great Entity who designed it all and made it happen.

Perhaps you don’t believe this God person made everything, but if so, why do you not believe it?  Maybe you should look into that question and see if there is any good reason why you shouldn’t believe.  Be careful!  If you decide not to believe in some kind of Supreme Being, then you may spend the rest of your life wondering why you’re on this planet.

Perhaps you do believe God made everything, but if so, why?  Maybe you should look into that question and see if there’s enough evidence to support your belief.  But be careful!  If you decide you can believe in this God, then you’ll have to come to terms with the fact that He has a purpose for your existence.

By the way, there is a fascinating Hebrew teaching on this first verse of the Bible, starting with the first word, Beresheet.  That word means “In the beginning”, and it is the beginning of the explanation of God’s plan for all of human history.[1]

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[1] For more on the meaning of Beresheet, especially how it introduces Messiah Yeshua, see Edible Rubies, Liquid Diamonds, and an Ox and Five Loaves, Two Fish, One Messiah.

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