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Now you can listen to The Barking Fox on Hebrew Nation Radio!  Al McCarn, Mike Clayton, Barry Phillips, and Hanoch Young are co-hosts of The Remnant Road the Monday edition of the Hebrew Nation Morning Show.  The Remnant Road airs at 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. EST, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon CST, 9:00-11:00 a.m. MST, 8:00-10:00 a.m. PST.  To listen to podcasts of our latest shows, please click on the links below.

12-31-18: And that’s a wrap! What did we say on our last live show? Listen and find out!

12-24-18: Who speaks for children in need of stable homes, and the families that help them? That’s what Betsy Ruch shares with us on this special show.

12-17-18: What is authority, and why is it important for Yeshua’s followers? Matt Nappier joins us to share some important observations on that topic from his life experience.

12-10-18: Cole Davis joins us to continue the conversation about moving into the fullness of our identity as part of the Covenant People of the God of Israel.

12-03-18: The theme on this show is connecting the different parts of God’s covenant family. Laura provides a lot of encouraging insight on that topic!

11-26-18: Our faith has deep roots. Some of them are Jewish, some are Christian, and all are important. That’s the topic of conversation Mike, Barry, and Al share on this edition of The Remnant Road.

11-19-18: What does true thanksgiving look like? Mike and Barry offer some deep thoughts on a question we don’t stop to consider often enough.

11-12-18: Mike, Barry, and Hanoch offer some timely observations on honoring our veterans in U.S., Israel, and around the world, and on being the fulfillment of prophecy for the restoration of all Israel.

10-29-18: Moshe Goldsmith brings us not only another good report from Israel, but also some deep insights from the Torah into the lives of Abraham and Sarah.

10-22-18: This show is all about a good report from the Land of Israel! Joe Aymond joins Mike and Hanoch in sharing the experience of the most recent Connect to Israel tour.

10-15-18: Will Spires has a new song and a new book! We talk with him about both.

10-08-18: Ministry to children is fun, but there’s a serious purpose to it. That’s what Stan Randall and Grampa Gus help us discover in this edition of The Remnant Road!

10-01-18: We enjoyed Sukkot. Did you? On this last day of the Feast, we share one more special show, featuring music from Will Spires and conversations with Dani Kerr and Alex Danya. We’ll be back next week with a new live show!

09-24-18: It’s Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles), and we’re celebrating the feast with family and friends. This week we hear our conversations with Andy Timan and Kenny and Renee Smith, along with music by The Exodus Road Band.

09-17-18: Read any good books lately? How about Eternity’s Account? Authors Cam Sharpe and Julie Bryson join us to talk about their series that tells creation’s story in modern literary style.

09-10-18: What did you do for Yom Teruah/Rosh Hashana? We took the day off – but we still had a show! Enjoy this special presentation with two of our guests from earlier this year, along with a few surprises!

09-03-18: What is so exciting about Beaver, Oklahoma? Well, maybe not Beaver so much as people like Mike Neville who live there!

08-27-18: Are you single? Are you newly married? Are you a new parent? Are you a grandparent? Even if you don’t fit in any of those categories, Jocelin Whitaker’s story will resonate with you!

08-20-18: Do you have challenges learning how to apply the principles of Torah to your life? If so, you’ll appreciate this conversation with Mike Cannon!

08-13-18: Miriam Feinberg Vamosh, author of The Scroll, joins us to talk about how women shaped the world of the Bible.

08-06-18: What happened in Snyder, Texas at the Rak Chazak Amats (Be Strong and Courageous) conference? Mike, Barry, and Al provide a first-hand report.

07-30-18: Just exactly who is Al McCarn? That’s what you’ll learn on this show!

07-23-18: Want to know what a healed and free heart sounds like? Listen to this conversation with Melanee Lisa Davidson!

07-16-18: Will Spires wrote a book! He joins us to talk about it, along with the upcoming Rak Chazak Amats Conference in Snyder, Texas!

07-09-18: Pastor Lee Horne of The Restoration Ranch Ministry shares not only his dramatic testimony, but the work he is doing to help those most in need find new hope in Messiah Yeshua and contribute to His Kingdom.

07-02-18: Not only do we have a fascinating visit with Michael Marlin of Shalomstead, we start the show by addressing the Covenant context of the Jewish people and the modern State of Israel.

06-25-18: Chris Franke, Ephraim Judah, and Daniel Musson tell us about Hebraic Family Fellowship, the family-focused congregation they lead in Norman, Oklahoma.

06-18-18: Theresa Bates returns to The Remnant Road to continue our conversation about how to approach death, how to care for those who are in mourning, and how to honor the dead.

06-11-18: Are there many Torah honoring followers of Yeshua in South Georgia? Yes! Ray Myers, the “Singing Tallit”, shares his story in this unique conversation.

06-04-18: Have you heard the story of Kenny and Renee Smith and their 8 amazing children? This is a story that will make you smile deep down inside.

05-28-18: In this Memorial Day special show, we revisit our conversations from earlier this year with musician and worship leader Will Spires, and Theresa Bates of Peaceful Passages.

05-21-18: This show features a Shavuot wrap-up, a candid discussion of current events in Israel, and news from Greg Crawford about why you should be in Snyder, Texas, in August!

05-14-18: Did you pay attention to the historic events happening in Israel these past few days? We did! Our visit with Jan and Craig O’Dell helps set those events in context.

05-07-18: What historical people and places will you encounter in the old-new Israeli city of Itamar? Moshe and Leah Goldsmith tell us that and much more in this conversation about Israel today.

04-30-18: How do parents raise godly children in an ungodly world? That’s one of the topics we explore with Andy Timan!

04-23-18: The United in Worship Conference in Jasper, Georgia, is the framework of our conversation about worship with Tony Boyatt and Mason Clover, but we stray into a number of other important Kingdom topics.

04-16-18: Tom Eubank shares his journey into Torah, and into the Land of Israel. It’s a fitting topic of conversation in this week of celebrating 70 years of Israeli independence.

04-09-18: Alexandria Danya brings another voice of the young generation to The Remnant Road, sharing not only her life in Messiah Yeshua and His Torah, but also the challenges and opportunities in her work as a filmmaker.

04-02-18: Mike and Barry are back from Israel and eager to share what they experienced! We get into some heavy discussion on this show about how the War for the Covenant is playing out in this season.

03-26-18: Barry and Hanoch gives us a good report from Israel, and then surprise guest Cole Davis has some compelling perspectives to share on generational issues. It’s another great trip on The Remnant Road!

03-19-18: What is the role of women? Why would God endow them with such great abilities if He did not intend women to use those abilities? These are the questions we address with Kelly Ferrari-Mills.

03-12-18: Steve Moutria of returns to the Remnant Road to cover a few thought-provoking topics – such as the authority by which Moses and Yeshua did what they did.

03-05-18: On this show we don’t just talk about young people, we hear from them! Dani Kerr joins us to share some wise observations on behalf of the rising generation.

02-26-18: Mike Cannon of Cannon Keepsakes talks about raising a Torah-honoring family and running a Torah-observant business. We also remember the life and work of Rev. Billy Graham.

02-19-18: Will Spires’ new song, “Home,” is the inspiration for this conversation about Israel, the destination now and in ages to come for all the seed of Abraham.

02-12-18: How should we deal with the dead? Theresa Bates of Peaceful helps us understand ministry not only to those who have lost loved ones, but to the loved ones they have lost.

02-05-18: The latest report of an unprovoked murderous attack on a Rabbi in Samaria prompts a discussion of the war on God’s Covenant with His people Israel.

01-29-18: Jerusalem has become a burdensome stone around the necks of the nations. What can we expect about that in days to come? Philip Haney returns to the Remnant Road to share his insights on that subject.

01-22-18: We talk again with Ephraim and Rimona Frank about the Third B’ney Yosef Congress, but before then take an interesting detour to Seoul, South Korea.

01-15-18: What’s up with Ten Parts in the King, the new book by Pete Rambo and Al McCarn? The authors explain on this edition of The Remnant Road.

01-08-18: We start 2018 by inviting Cathy Helms and Beverly Hall to give us a look into the work of intercessory prayer.

12-25-17: What can we expect to see in 2018? More importantly, what can you do to participate in and advance the Almighty’s Kingdom purposes?

12-18-17: Got Christmas questions? That’s what we talk about in this show. You may be surprised at what we find out.

12-11-17: Hanukkah is the subject of this show – what it means, why and how we observe it, and its prophetic significance in the restoration of all Israel.

12-04-17: Looking for a practical way to help people in Israel? This is the show you’ve been waiting for! Jessica Katz tells us how Yad Leah does just that – and how you can get involved!

11-20-17: Ephraim and Rimona Frank tell us about the Third B’ney Yosef National Congress coming up in Israel in March 2018.

11-20-17: Miriam Feinberg Vamosh shares her love of Israel, past and present, and her career of helping Christians and Jews understand their shared heritage in the Land.

11-13-17: What’s so special about Israel? Mike, Al, and Barry share their thoughts – and passion – about this very important subject.

11-06-17: Frank Houtz returns to continue his discussion of Jewish and Christian/Messianic views of Messiah, along with timely commentary from Israel by Hanoch Young.

10-30-2017: The first of a two-part conversation with Frank Houtz about Jewish and Christian/Messianic views of Messiah, plus discussion of the historic anniversaries impacting Israel that happen this week.

10-23-2017: Is the Hebrew Roots Movement in a crisis – pursuing knowledge at the expense of everything else? That’s what we discuss with Cole Davis.

10-16-2017: Hanoch tells us about the launch of Rivkah Lambert Adler’s “Ten From the Nations,” and Ardelle Brody explains how her unusual introduction to Torah led to her weekly commentaries that minister to many eager learners.

10-09-2017: This special Sukkot (Tabernacles) podcast features a prophetic word from Beebee Stevens and anointed music by Will Spires.

10-02-2017: We welcome Sukkot by talking to Rivkah Lambert Adler, editor of Ten From the Nations, a new book about the Torah Awakening among non-Jews.

09-25-2017: Moshe and Leah Goldsmith share a personal and very encouraging look into life in Samaria – a part of Israel that is coming back to life just as the prophets have said!

09-18-2017: Jesse Running Bear, along with Chief Cecil Hunt and Bob Ensign tells of the Trail of Tears memorial walk and the healing and reconciliation process among the First Nations of North America.

09-11-2017: John McQuary of Messianic Covenant Community tells us about the effects of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, even as Hurricane Irma is creating another opportunity for God’s people to demonstrate His grace.

09-04-2017: Mike and Al talk about the significance of hurricanes and other “wake up calls” to repentance, Hanoch brings a significant word from a respected rabbi about the return of Ephraim, and Tyler Dawn Rosenquist shares her experience in ministering to the rising generation.

08-28-2017: Mike, Barry, Al, and Hanoch start what promises to be a long discussion about revival and restoration in a Hebraic context.

08-21-2017: On the day of the Great American Eclipse, Hanoch provides an update from Israel and Lee Bender of Zionist Organization of America talks about the impact of BDS.

08-14-2017: What’s the real significance of the Great Eclipse on August 21? Mike and Al discuss that, and then visit with Gloria and Frank Bloomfield to find out what happened at the Latter Reign Conference, August 11-13.

08-07-2017: Mike and Al offer insights on the centrality of Israel, and Jeremy Chance Springfield shares his learning of the centrality of Torah to our belief in Messiah.

07-31-2017: Daniel’s last show – but not the last one for The Remnant Road! Mike Clayton sits in for Al, with guests Hanoch Young and Barry Phillips talking about Tisha B’Av, the Temple Mount, and why it should matter to us all.

07/24/2017: Signs in the heavens? They are there, but what do they mean? That’s what we talk about with historian Steve Ruskin and author Steve Alten.

07-17-2017: Prayer does make a difference! That’s the testimony we hear from Summer Ingram of the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation, and Kolyah, a seasoned prayer warrior.

07/10/2017: What happens when a Torah-keeping follower of Yeshua is elected to Congress? That’s what we talk about with Michael Snyder!

07/03/2017: Bob Gleason, author of And Into the Fire, joins us to talk about the very real threat of nuclear terrorism.

06/26/2017: Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) really the existential threat to humanity that some technology forecasters believe? Dr. Robert Marks is an authority in the field who can help us answer that question.

06/19/2017: How do young people handle their families transitioning to Torah? That’s one question we address Jose Ireta and Luke & Kayte Abaffy!

06/12/2017: We talk with Chaim Goldman of Repairing the Breach and Hebraic Home Fellowships about his upcoming US tour carrying the message of Kingdom calling and purpose!

06/05/2017: Christine Miller, author of The Revelation of Jesus Christ Revealed, shares with us the historical interpretation of the book of Revelation.

05/29/2017: A timely word from Michael Payne – we cannot relax our vigilance or compromise our walk with our Messiah and King.

05/22/2017: Hebraic heritage truly is a global phenomenon. Today we invite Charity Dell to lead us on an investigation of African Hebrew heritage.

05/08/2017: We review President Trump’s first 100 days, and a host of prophetic indicators, with Philip Haney.

05/01/2017: In honor of Israel Independence Day we welcome Lee Bender of the Zionist Organization of America to talk about setting the record straight on anti-Israel bias in the media.

04/24/2017: Kisha Gallagher of Grace in Torah and HNR’s Renewed shares her insights on the maturity of the Hebrew Roots movement and her recent trip to Israel.

04/17/2017: Joe Good explains why the Temple Mount is the location of the Holy Temple – and why this is important.

04/10/2017: Chaim Goldman of Hebraic Home Fellowships talks about the place of the Hebrew Roots Movement in YHVH’s purpose of Kingdom restoration.

04/03/2017: Cole Davis shares his insight and experience with spiritual warfare from a Hebraic perspective.

03/27/2017: Evangelist Alveda King and Dr. Deb Wiley present two perspectives on the health of the Body of Messiah in this present day.

03/20/2017: Jesse Running Bear, D Joyce Kitson, and David Bowen share their insights on the Hebraic awakening among First Nations people.

03/13/2017: Andrew Hodkinson joins us from his home in South Africa to share his music and his insights on praise and worship from a Hebrew heart.

03/06/2017: We complete our coverage of the B’ney Yosef North America Summit by visiting with Dr. John Conrad, a BYNA Elder who has a unique perspective on the emerging Ephraimite mispocha (family).

02/27/2017: What is the Jewish perspective of Messiah? That is one of the questions Hanoch Young explores on this edition of the Remnant Road.

02/20/2017: Mike Clayton brings us his perspective on the B’ney Yosef North America Summit recently held in Mesa, Arizona.

02/06/2017: Ari Fuld of Israel News Talk Radio presents his uniquely Israeli perspective on life in the here-and-now and in the hereafter.

01/30/2017: Lauralee, a “Modern Day Samaritan Woman”, joins us to talk about the hidden wounds we all face and how they impact not only our relationships with others, but also our usefulness for the Kingdom.

01/23/2017: Steve Moutria returns to the Remnant Road with more insights on prophecy and current events for this pivotal year of 2017.

01/16/2017: We gain another perspective on the Torah Awakening as Jason Towe of Pursuing Truth Ministries shares his experience coming to Torah as a pastor in North Georgia.

01/09/2017: Our first show of 2017 brings Anthony Patch to the Remnant Road to explain how science, the occult, current event, and prophecy are aligning in what may be the culmination of the Last Days.

12/26/2016: The Exodus Road Band helps us end 2016 with a great show about the new sound in Hebrew Roots worship music.

12/19/2016: Michael Snyder returns to The Remnant Road to discuss the reprieve from judgment the United States is currently enjoying – but for how long?

12/12/2016: Troy Anderson, co-author of The Babylon Code, talks about current events in the context of End Times prophecies.

12/05/2016:  Hanoch Young shares with us his insights on the Ephraimite Awakening and parallel developments among the Jewish people.

11/28/2016:  Does anyone go up to the Feasts of the Lord in Jerusalem three times each year?  Yes!  Tom Lewis joins us to share his experiences from his 18 consecutive trips to Israel for the Feasts.

11/21/2016:  Tzefanyah Pappas and David Altman are our guests in this installment of our reports from Sukkot and the Second B’ney Yosef National Congress in Israel.

11/14/2016:  Ephraim and Rimona Frank join us, along with Akpene Torku of B’ney Yosef North America, to talk about the Second B’ney Yosef National Congress and the Connect to Israel Tour.

11/07/2016: Dorothy and Tommy Wilson of B’ney Yosef North America share their experiences in Israel for Sukkot and the Second B’ney Yosef National Congress.

10/17/2016: Al is in Israel for Sukkot and the Second B’ney Yosef Congress. Listen as Daniel talks with him about the exciting prophetic events happening there right now!

10/10/2016: 10/10/2016: Dr. Tom Dooley gives us his personal assessment of the “perfect storm” forming in Germany as economic, political, demographic, and spiritual circumstances intertwine in an explosive combination.

10/03/2016: Dr. Aaron Judkins of the Creation Evidence Museum joins us to talk not only about Creation Science, but the biblical truth intertwined with it!

09/19/2016: We welcome Doug Hagmann to get his thoughts on what is going on with the US presidential election, and other hot topics.

09/12/2016: Laura Densmore joins us to continue our probing of the question, Just how close are we?

08/29/2016: Just how close are we? In the fourth installment of our ongoing investigation of our place on the prophetic time clock, Steve Moutria returns to update us on what he has learned over the summer.

08/22/2016: Where is the Native voice in the Body of Messiah? Dr. Iglahliq Suuqiina of Indigenous Messengers International joins us to talk about the role of First Nations people in the Kingdom of YHVH.

08/15/2016: What is the National Shabbat? Tzefanyah Pappas of B’ney Yosef North America gives us an update about this phenomenon just now entering its second year.

08/08/2016: What is more important than the Olympics? How about the alignment of the Ezekiel 38 alliance? That’s the heart of our discussion with Phil Haney in this podcast from August 8 – the day before Vladimir Putin of Russia met with Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey.

08/01/2016: Michael Snyder and Laura Densmore return to The Remnant Road to talk about the upheavals across the globe and at home. The fallout from Turkey’s recent coup, the unhinging of the world’s economy, and racial violence in the US are all part of the nations raging against YHVH and His anointed. How are His people to respond?

07/25/2016: The 40 days prior to Yom Kippur is a time of repentance and reconciliation. Elders Mark Webb and Ed Boring of B’ney Yosef North America explain how their organization will pursue this Divine call in this pivotal year.

07/18/2016: If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do? That is the question we ask two seasoned prayer ministry leaders: Dai Sup Han of Prayer Surge Now, and Sara Ballenger of Capitol Hill Prayer Partners.

07/11/2016: What is “Brexit”? Dr. Tom Dooley of Pathclearer Ministries explains how this stunning development will cause us to reimagine Europe once again.

06/27/2016: Luke and Kayte Abaffy give us an update on The Way, The Truth, and the Life – their documentary on the Hebrew Roots Movement.

06/20/2016: Dr. David E. Jones of Ruach Ministries International tells us about his new book, The Gifts and the Restoration of the Spirit.

06/06/2016: Captain (Res) Dan Gordon of the IDF talks about international terrorism, the Israeli-Arab conflict, and how both impact America in his new book, Day of the Dead: Book Two – America.

05/30/2016: Margot Crossing returns to report on her most recent trip to India and the awakening of many people groups to their identity as descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel.

05/25/2016: What sets the stage for the Great Tribulation? That is the topic Daniel and Al discuss in this edition of Prepare the Way.

05/23/2016: Douglas J. Hagmann drops by to talk about the distractions and deceptions that have caused Americans to drop their guard.

05/16/2016: Michael Payne provides uncompromising godly insight on the Presidential election of 2016, which looks to be a choice between Jezebel and Caesar.

05/11/2016: On this offering of Prepare the Way, Daniel and Al team up with Mark Call to investigate the roots of the imminent global economic collapse.

05/09/2016: Philip Haney author of See Something, Say Nothing, talks about Islamist infiltration of the United States and the urgency of America’s choice in this election cycle.

05/04/2016: We conclude our conversation with Steve Moutria and Greg Raley on this edition of Prepare the Way.

05/02/2016: Steve Moutria and Greg Raley return for the second part of our discussion on the question, “Just how close are we to Messiah’s return?”

04/18/2016: Conversation with Eliyahu Berkowitz reveals a view of Messianic prophecies through Jewish eyes

04/13/2016: Preparing for the Second Exodus – YHVH’s pruning, a discussion with David Jones of Ruach Ministries

04/11/2016: The End Times as seen from the Homestead, part 2. Dane Donaldson continues his observations on Revelation

04/06/2016: The installation in New York and London of reconstructed gates from a pagan temple gate inspired this edition of Prepare the Way as Daniel, Al, and Mark Call discuss “The High Places, A Benchmark to Judgement”.

04/04/2016: The End Times as seen from the Homestead. Dane Donaldson shares his observations on the end of Babylon and the deeper meaning of the Four Horsemen of Revelation 6.

03/30/2016: The Rapture Verdict. This edition of Prepare the Way features Michael Snyder discussing his new book on one of the most popular topics in Christian circles. 

03/28/2016: Just how close are we to Messiah’s return? Steve Moutria and Greg Raley provide paradigm-shifting answers to that question.

03/23/2016: Daniel invites Al back to Prepare the Way to join in a discussion with Gil Broussard about the latest developments in his understaning of Planet 7X

03/21/2016: Building the Body of Messiah, Texas Style! Al and Daniel invite Larry Ferguson to talk about building relationships with our Christian brethren

03/16/2016: Changing our perspective on prophecy: Daniel hosts Anthony Patch, Mark Call, and Al McCarn on Prepare the Way to discuss a myriad of issues in an end times context

03/14/2016: What next after the B’ney Yosef North America Summit? Views from the newly-installed BYNA leadership

03/09/2016: The Ten Lost Tribes in North America coming together! Daniel invites Al along with David Altman and Barry Phillips to talk about the B’ney Yosef North America Summit

02/29/2016: Treating the Two Sticks as One – A conversation with Ken Rank

02/24/2-16: Spiritual Beings and our Human Experience in these Last Days – Roundtable discussion on Prepare the Way with Daniel Holdings

02/22/2016: What do Christians really think of us? A candid discussion with Pastor James Sterling

02/15/2016: Daniel and Al open the Hebrew Nation Radio fundraising campaign with some fascinating surprise guests!

02/08/2016: A Place Where Brothers Can Talk – Visit with Kellen Davison of Commonwealth of Yisrael

02/01/2016: Connecting with the Homeland – Conversation with Tommy Waller and Ephraim & Rimona Frank

01/27/2016:  The Ten Tribes and Messiah’s Return – Prepare the Way with Daniel Holdings

01/25/2016:  Can a nation be born in a day?  Report on the B’ney Yosef North America Plenary gathering with Pete Rambo

01/04/2016:  Luke and Kayte Abaffy tell the story behind “The Way”, the first movie about the Torah Awakening

12/28/2015:  A conversation with Barry Phillips about finding our way on the Hebraic path.

12/21/2015:  Advice from the Torah Thumper on how to dialogue with Christians.

12/14/2015:  Strategic prayer, Kingdom Protocols, and how not to be lost in the palace, with Rudi Bam.

12/09/2015:  Dan and Al continue their conversation with Steve Moutria about the End Times – and the shortening of the time of judgment according to Matthew 24:22.

12/09/2015:  Kimberly and Teresa welcome Al along with Larry Ferguson to Cuppa Shebrews to report on the B’Ney Yosef Region 35 Conference recently held at Denton, TX.

12/07/2015:  How to live in interesting times:  A conversation with Steve Moutria of

11/30/2015:  Good News from South Asia!  Two followers of Yeshua from India and Pakistan tell how they became part of the global Torah Awakening.

11/23/2015:  Are the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel just the stuff of myth and legend?  Listen to this conversation with Margot Crossing and judge for yourself.

11/18/2015:  Daniel Holdings welcomes Al McCarn and Mark Call to Prepare the Way for a round table discussion about an astounding video of a Israeli teenager’s vision of imminent prophetic events.

11/17/2015:  The Three Wise Guys continue their discussion with Al on the regathering of Ephraim.

11/16/2015:  Tom Smith talks with us about Islamist infiltration and Messiah’s soon coming.

11/10/2015:  The Three Wise Guys welcome Al to discuss current events and the regathering of Ephraim.

11/09/2015:  Steve Mathe issues a call for the Ten Tribes to “Prepare to come near”.

11/02/2015:  Dreams, Visions, and the Fate of Nations.  An interview with Dr. Tom Dooley of Path Clearer Ministries.

10/28/2015:  Teresa and Kimberly welcome Al during the second hour of Cuppa Shebrews to talk about the B’Ney Yosef Region 35 conference in Denton, TX.

10/26/2015:  A discussion with Laurie Cardoza-Moore of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations about Christian support for Israel.

10/19/2015:  Gilbert Vincent discusses the current wave of terror in Israel and its connection with the restoration of all Israel.

10/14/2015:  Al is Dan’s guest on Prepare the Way to discuss why Russia is involved in Syria.

10/12/2015:  How do we build the Hebrew Nation?  Tzefanyah Pappas provides one answer by sharing the vision behind the B’Ney Yosef National Shabbat.

10/05/2015:  Barry Miller teaches us about the 7- and 50-year cycles.

9/28/2015:  Special Sukkot episode with Captain Dan Gordon and Mark Call.

9/14/2015:  How important are the Ten Days of Awe this year?  Interview with Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse Blog.

9/07/2015:  David Altman of the Alliance of Redeemed Israel discusses the restoration of all Israel.

8/31/2015:  Gill Broussard explains the significance of Planet 7X.

8/26/2015: “A World Gone Mad” – Prepare the Way with Daniel Holdings

8/24/2015: John Moore talks about the 10 Days Israel Prayer, Sept 14-23

8/17/2015: Michael Payne explains the spiritual roots of PTSD.

8/10/2015: Phil Haney discusses “The Everlasting Covenant”

8/03/2015: How Close are We to Judgment? Interview with Benjamin Baruch

7/27/2015: Interview with Prayer Surge Now! founder Dai Sup Han

7/20/2015: Making Scripture Transgender? Interview with Daniel Merrick

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