Reunion Roadmap 2/19/2022 – Pursued to Redemption: Mark Randall’s Story, part 6

We still have a lot to learn about living in community as our Creator intended. Our neighbors often don’t think, look, act, or believe in the same way we do, and yet they can still have a testimony of fellowship with the same God we serve. That’s a fact our Father sometimes has to help us figure out by putting us in very unusual circumstances. Mark Randall knows exactly what that means, as he shares with us in this concluding segment of our visit with him.

Another aspect of relationship with our Creator is His desire to make us clean, and help us stay that way. It can be a complicated and difficult process, but it is necessary and worth the effort. That’s what Barry Phillips and David Jones explore in their midrash called, “The Laver,” and what Will Spires shares in his music.

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Reunion Roadmap 2/12/2022 – Pursued to Redemption: Mark Randall’s Story, part 5

What would you do if, at age 50, just as your life is settling into something normal and comfortable, you get the opportunity to go to prison for something you didn’t do? Mark Randall tells us what he did. It may sound strange that he returned to prison with the attitude that he would willingly endure what our Heavenly Father had in store for him. Then again, that’s very much the attitude we read about in Paul’s letters, and in the lives of those entirely devoted to our King through the ages. In Mark’s case, he found something entirely unexpected in federal prison.

One of the things Mark discovered was how to live in community with God’s people in a hostile environment. His experience in Shelton Prison may have been an extreme example, but it highlights the lessons Barry Phillips and David Jones share about the Kingdom community our Messiah is building. Is a matter of loving God and loving others in a deeper way, as we hear in the music of Will Spires and Jimmie Black sing about it in this week’s music  

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Reunion Roadmap 1/15/2022 – Pursued to Redemption: Mark Randall’s Story, part 1

In a sense, we are all caught in a spiritual prison. Our hearts are incorrigible, and thus our Creator has turned us over to the consequences of our own misdeeds. That’s where we would remain had our Creator not determined to bring us out of that dark place. This is the story of redemption – we didn’t earn it, but God offers it anyway, even when we don’t realize there’s a better alternative to our current circumstances, nor understand how to find that alternative.

This is the story of Mark Randall’s life. One might say he was doomed from birth to a lawless life of darkness, but God would not leave him to that fate. How that happened is the subject of our lengthy interview with Mark. Over the next six shows, Mark explains how he exchanged the life of an incorrigible criminal to one of a redeemed servant of the Most High. 

Redemption is the motivation for the praise we will sing to our God and King when He completes His work of restoration on this earth. That’s the topic Barry and David explore in their midrash, “We Will All Worship,” and of our musical selections by Teshuva and Will Spires.

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Reunion Roadmap 12/18/2021 – Pronomian Christianity with Josh Ensley

How long has the Torah Awakening among Christians been happening? At least a generation! It has accelerated in the past 20 years, and now a new generation of teachers, pastors, scholars, and leaders are building on the pioneering work of their elders.

One of these young thinkers is Josh Ensley,  a teacher from North Georgia who began to learn about the Torah (Law) of God as a seminary student through the fellowship he attended. Today he is among a dynamic group of scholars who are putting academic rigor to common questions among Christians who are trying to reconcile what they have learned in church and what they are learning in Messianic and Hebrew Roots fellowships. That journey is the inspiration for Pronomian Christianity, the name Josh and his colleagues use to describe the faith walk of those who follow Jesus Christ (Messiah Yeshua) and keep the Law (Torah). How did Josh come on this path? That’s what we hear in this first part of our three-part interview with him.

We welcome Will Spires as our special musical guest, with songs highlighting the miracles of Chanukah, which is the subject of discussion with conversation Phillips and David Jones. As you listen, you may be surprised to hear the connections between Chanukah and Pronomian Christianity! 

Take a look at Josh Ensley’s website,

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Reunion Roadmap 11/13/2021 – Exploring Stilled Spirits with Hayley Chase

What’s the connection between a mental disorder and a chronic illness? It’s a much closer connection than you may think. For one thing, both are conditions that stay with a person indefinitely – meaning there’s no foreseeable end point at which the sufferer can say, “I’m cured.”

Hayley Chase has experience with this kind of persistent challenge. Over the next three shows, she will share her story about wrestling with mental health issues from childhood. The challenges she has faced come not only from within, but also from people around her who haven’t understood how to come alongside her and help, and quite often end up unintentionally making things more difficult.

This is a difficult topic, but one that impacts all of us. The people of God should be the first to come around our suffering brothers and sisters, and that’s why Hayley is sharing her story!

This is a story of hope, and that’s exactly what Barry Phillips and David Jones discuss in their midrash. As they explain, our hope is linked with faith, which is not just belief, but a call to action! They are joined by Teshuva and Will Spires, who bring musical messages of hope.  

Check out Stilled Spirits, the Facebook group Hayley hosts that is “meant to be a place where we can share our hearts with honesty.” Stilled Spirits is designed primarily for women who struggle with depression and/or anxiety, but others are welcome.

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