Reunion Roadmap 6/05/2021 – with Special Guest Georgina Saunders

At 95 years of age, Georgina Saunders has a few stories to tell. We cover a few of those stories in this three-part interview! Among the amazing things we learn is that Georgina’s intimate walk with the Lord began at about the time many people are entering their twilight years. Her life was already eventful and fascinating before then, but the real adventure began when she surrendered her life to Yeshua, embraced an enduring love of Israel, and made herself available to her Redeemer to go where He directed. As we learn in this show, that commitment took her immediately to the ends of the earth!

One thing we hear in Georgina’s story is a willingness to stand alone in service to her King. That’s a topic Barry Phillips and David Jones explore in a midrash they call, “Stand Alone When Necessary” – a message with echoes in the music of Will Spires and Melody Joy Cloud.

To order a copy of Georgina’s book, To Thine Own Self Be True, send her an email at

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Reunion Roadmap 5/15/2021 – with Special Guest Pete Wilson

At what age do young people become capable of understanding complicated biblical themes? Maybe at the same age they are assaulted by the hard things of life that could plague them into adulthood – things like sex, drugs, gender confusion, and all the other areas of life under assault by the relativistic culture of our day. Pete Wilson might say that it’s not really a question of whether teenagers can grasp complicated subjects, but which approach to those subjects they will adopt. Thus the real question is how they can be helped into choosing the right approaches that will equip them to be image bearers of Messiah Yeshua, the King Redeemer we also know as Jesus Christ.

In this final episode of our conversation with Pete, we hear how he has dealt with this specific challenge to youth ministry. It’s why he is willing to engage them with heavy topics like systematic theology, making it relevant to their young lives. It’s also why he meets them where they are to help them deal with the challenges they face, such as pornography (for which he has found a powerful resource called Fight the New Drug ( This is what has made Pete an effective youth minister at Founded in Truth Fellowship.

In a real sense, Pete is breaking down barriers that hinder inter-generational communication. This is an aspect of what Barry Phillips and David Jones talk about in their midrash, “Breaking Boxes.” This is a process that requires love and forgiveness, two topics Mason Clover and Will Spires explore in song.

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Reunion Roadmap 2/20/2021 – with Special Guest Nathan Harmon

What comes next after learning how to hunt and fish? How about hunting and fishing better!

We can always improve, and that’s especially important regarding the things related to the Kingdom of Heaven. Nathan Harmon brings that into perspective in the context of the Torah Awakening. This phenomenon in the church has been gaining momentum for several decades, so where do we go from here? As Nathan explains, we should be giving serious attention to sharing this message with our family and friends in the traditional churches in ways that they can understand and receive. 

Check out Nathan’s website at:

Two musicians who have been sharing the Torah Awakening insights for many years are Will Spires and Jimmie Black. They are our musical guests in this show, and along with them Barry Phillips and David Jones share their thoughts on the topic of “Disciple and Love.”

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Reunion Roadmap 2/13/2021 – with Special Guest Nathan Harmon

Think about your high school and college years – whether that was 40 years ago, or you’re still there now. Was there, or is there, anyone who captured your attention and motivated you into a genuine, deep relationship with your Savior? Maybe it was a teacher, an evangelist, or a musician. Such a person would first have to be completely devoted to Yeshua (Jesus). After all, how could they motivate others into such a lifestyle is they didn’t already genuine have a genuine relationship with Yeshua  – a relationship based on a solid life experience (testimony). Now imagine such a captivating evangelist who honors Torah and has embraced his Hebraic identity as part of the covenant nation of Israel. If you can picture such a person, you have an idea what to expect in Nathan Harmon!

Nathan is our guest in these next three shows, sharing his message of hope, redemption, renewal, and identity in Messiah Yeshua. He and his family carry this message wherever they go. Is this the next step in revival? That’s what we talk about in this high-energy interview!

Check out Nathan’s website at:

Mark Webb returns in our midrash segment to continue the conversation he and Barry Phillips began several weeks ago on Signs in the Heavens. There are a number of celestial events happening now through the spring that indicate our God is up to something important in human affairs. You can see a video version of this midrash on Remnant of Yisrael at this link: 

Reunion Roadmap Signs in the Heavens #3

We round out the show with music from some of our favorite artists: House of Aaron, and Will Spires!

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Mark also tells us about these sky charts:

Sky Chart 1

Sky Chart 2

Sky Chart 3

Sky Chart 4

Reunion Roadmap 12/19/2020 – with Special Guest Bob O’Dell

Did you ever think about “The Great Divide” between Christians and Jews? That, of course, is the question about who is the Messiah. Bob O’Dell has thought about it. He even wrote an entire chapter on the subject in his new book, Five Years With Orthodox Jews: How Connecting With God’s People Unlocks Understanding of God’s Word. He shares his thoughts on that and several other questions in this second part of our three-part interview with him.

Along with Bob, we have music from Will Spires and Jimmie Black, and a thought provoking discussion from Barry Phillips and David Jones bring on the subject “Plans with Yah.”

Bob O’Dell’s book, Five Years With Orthodox Jews: How Connecting With God’s People Unlocks Understanding of God’s Word, is available in paperback and Kindle at Amazon.

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