Reunion Roadmap 1/1/2022 – Pronomian Christianity with Josh Ensley

We’ve heard Josh Ensley explain how his journey of faith in Jesus Christ led him simultaneously to a Baptist seminary and to a Torah fellowship, and how those influences contributed to his exploration of Pronomian Christianity. In this final segment of our conversation, Josh shares his ideas on a definition of Pronomian Christianity, where it fits in the history of the church, and where it may be going. Is this movement linked to the Reformation? That’s where this portion of our visit with Josh begins!

Kelly Ferrari Mills and Solomon Lopez provide the musical accompaniment for this show, with songs rooted in the prayers of scripture, and in the blessed hope of our final redemption. Barry Phillips and David Jones investigate an element of that hope in their discussion of Uncircumcised Lips.

Take a look at Josh Ensley’s website,

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Reunion Roadmap 8/14/2021 – highlighting The Ebenezer Home

How do we carry out God’s command to honor our parents when they reach their elder years? David Phillips and Samantha LaGoy share how that commandment is carried out at the Ebenezer Home, Israel’s only residence for elderly followers of Yeshua. In this two-part interview, they share how the Ebenezer Home has continued to meet Covid pandemic has continued to meet the needs of residents and their families even in the Covid pandemic, and their great expectations for the future.

The music of House of Aaron and Solomon Lopez highlight the topics covered in this show from our visit with David and Samantha as well as the midrash from David Jones and Barry Phillips which they call, “Kingdom People Kingdom Benefit.”

To learn more about the Ebenezer Home, visit the website at

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Reunion Roadmap 6/19/2021 – with Special Guest Georgina Saunders

Knowing who we are is the key to knowing how we are to conduct ourselves in this chaotic world. How do we know where we are going on this journey of life if we don’t know who we are and to whom we belong? Georgina Saunders knows who she is as a disciple of Yeshua (Jesus), the Messiah and King of Israel. She is not Jewish, but is grafted into the nation of which the Jewish people are the heart. Even after many years is still learning what that means! As we conclude our visit with Georgina, she shares more of what she has learned about being part of God’s covenant nation of Israel. 

The Elohim (God) of Israel is the one who calls us to take part in His redemptive work. That is what we hear in the music of Bill Green and Solomon Lopez. Elders Barry Phillips and David Jones look into the promises and responsibilities of that call in their midrash, Believe in the Elohim Who Believes in You.

To order a copy of Georgina’s book, To Thine Own Self Be True, send her an email at

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Reunion Roadmap 1/30/2021 – with Special Guest Josh Tolley

If you could make enough money to live for a year by working only a few weeks, would you do it? What would you do with all your time? And if you could make more money that you need, how would you use it? And is this even possible?

Yes, it’s possible! That’s where we start in this concluding part of our interview with Josh Tolley, speaker, advisor, and author of Quit Your Job Or Die, and EvangelPreneur. As we have heard throughout this conversation, Josh challenges our ideas on labor, money, business, and related topics as he examines these things in light of scripture. The result is a paradigm-shifting approach to how we walk out our calling as ambassadors of Messiah’s Kingdom!

Solomon Lopez and Eved Adonai provide musical punctuation to the theme of this show, and in between we have some wise observations by Barry Phillips and David Jones on the topic of Hardship and Healing.

You can find out more about Josh at his websites:

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Reunion Roadmap 11/21/2020 – with Special Guest MelanEE Lisa Davidson

Every testimony of redemption is improbable to some extent. Think about it: a person is heading down a certain path with no desire or ability to change – and sometimes even without knowledge that there is an alternative to the life they are leading – and then the Creator intervenes!

That is the reason Messiah Yeshua had to come to earth to take care of the deadly effects caused by our willful rebellion against the God Who made us. And then there’s MelanEE Lisa Davidson, whose testimony of redemption reaches to the high end of the improbability scale. Not only did she have no desire to depart from her “radical feminist lesbian dyke” lifestyle, she had told God in no uncertain terms that she wanted nothing to do with Him. Yet He stepped in anyway – and continued to step in even when MelanEE pushed Him away.

We hear more of this in our interview segment, the second of three parts of our visit with MelanEE. It’s a story not only of redemption, but of cleaning out the nasty things that had blocked the flow of living water in her redeemed life! Which, by the way, is something Will Spires and Solomon Lopez sing about in their musical offerings, and that Barry Phillips and David Jones discuss in a midrash they call, “Digging Wells.”

Check out MelanEE’s memoir, Loved. I. Am! One Woman’s Journey of Shattering Shame Through Experiencing PAPA’S Great Love!, available at Amazon. Also check out her website at

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