Reunion Roadmap 11/27/2021 – Exploring Stilled Spirits with Hayley Chase

How many people walk away from our congregations and fellowships because they don’t feel welcome? Probably more than we are comfortable admitting. It’s not that we intend to exclude people, but our cultural programming doesn’t have much room for those who deal with anxiety, depression, chronic illness, and many other conditions that make it difficult to fit in. This is something we address as we conclude our conversation with Hayley Chase. 

Extending welcome from hearts of compassion is a big part of what our Heavenly Father intends. That’s an aspect of our life in Yeshua that Barry Phillips and David Jones discuss in the second half of their midrash on the Plumb Line of Righteousness. It’s also what we hear in the music of our special guest artists Teshuva and Mason Clover.

Check out Stilled Spirits, the Facebook group Hayley hosts that is “meant to be a place where we can share our hearts with honesty.” Stilled Spirits is designed primarily for women who struggle with depression and/or anxiety, but others are welcome.

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Reunion Roadmap 7/10/2021 – with Special Guest Rut Banks

Music is an expression of our hearts – of our experiences, joys, sorrows, hopes, dreams, and all that makes us who we are. Rut Banks understands this very well. That’s why her music is so fresh and deep. If we want to know who she is, we start with her songs, because her life story is right there in what she sings!

In this three-part conversation, Rut shares with us what has shaped her life story. Her roots go deep, from Nashville, where she lives with her husband Michael and their children, to St. Louis where she grew up, and back through time and space to Africa, where her Hebraic ancestors faithfully carried the covenant knowledge of their identity in Yah.  

This is a podcast about identity, which is the story we hear in song from Rut and from Mason Clover. As Barry Phillips and David Jones explain, it is from this identity that we become channels of Living Water.  

To hear Rut’s music, visit her website at,

Rut’s husband Michael is a gifted massage therapist serving clients in the Nashville area. Check out his website at Leave At Ease.

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Reunion Roadmap 6/12/2021 – with Special Guest Georgina Saunders

When a follower of Messiah Yeshua experiences a connection and call to Israel, then it only makes sense that God would send her to China. Well, it may not make sense in our way of thinking, but that is exactly what happened to Georgina Saunders! As she learned by experience, her time as a teacher in China strengthened her in many ways, and taught her many lessons that would be essential in her journeys to Israel and other places she followed the Holy Spirit’s leading. As each journey unfolded, she gained a new appreciation of her connection with God’s covenant nation of Israel, and an understanding of her identity as part of that nation!

Georgina’s experiences have taught her much about proper perspective about her identity in Messiah Yeshua and how that impacts her daily life. Perspective is exactly what Barry Phillips and David Jones discuss in their midrash, and having our Creator as the center of our perspective is the message in music we hear from Mason Clover and Jimmie Black.

To order a copy of Georgina’s book, To Thine Own Self Be True, send her an email at

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Reunion Roadmap 5/15/2021 – with Special Guest Pete Wilson

At what age do young people become capable of understanding complicated biblical themes? Maybe at the same age they are assaulted by the hard things of life that could plague them into adulthood – things like sex, drugs, gender confusion, and all the other areas of life under assault by the relativistic culture of our day. Pete Wilson might say that it’s not really a question of whether teenagers can grasp complicated subjects, but which approach to those subjects they will adopt. Thus the real question is how they can be helped into choosing the right approaches that will equip them to be image bearers of Messiah Yeshua, the King Redeemer we also know as Jesus Christ.

In this final episode of our conversation with Pete, we hear how he has dealt with this specific challenge to youth ministry. It’s why he is willing to engage them with heavy topics like systematic theology, making it relevant to their young lives. It’s also why he meets them where they are to help them deal with the challenges they face, such as pornography (for which he has found a powerful resource called Fight the New Drug ( This is what has made Pete an effective youth minister at Founded in Truth Fellowship.

In a real sense, Pete is breaking down barriers that hinder inter-generational communication. This is an aspect of what Barry Phillips and David Jones talk about in their midrash, “Breaking Boxes.” This is a process that requires love and forgiveness, two topics Mason Clover and Will Spires explore in song.

To find out more about Founded in Truth, visit the website at:

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Reunion Roadmap 1/23/2021 – with Special Guest Josh Tolley

What is more important: getting into a job you like, or setting a goal and finding ways to get there? Think about that question as we listen to Josh Tolley in this second installment of our three-part interview with him. As you might expect from a man whose books have titles like Quit Your Job Or Die and EvangelPreneur, Josh has some radical ideas on the subject of money – both making it, and what to do with it!

This is a show about revelation – as in what our God reveals to His people as we seek Him. Barry Phillips and David Jones explore that topic in a midrash they call, “Burning Bush Moment.” We round out the show with music from two of our regular artists: Mason Clover and Barry’s own Aleph Tav Band.

You can find out more about Josh at his websites:

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