Reunion Roadmap 10/17/2020 – with Special Guest Bryan Barnes

Did you ever think of the Bible as an agricultural book? It may seem obvious since all the Biblical writers lived in ancient agrarian societies, but as Bryan Barnes can tell you, it’s one of those obvious truths that we seldom think about. In our advanced technological civilization, we are far removed from the direction connection with nature that defined the lives of our ancestors. Bryan discovered (or rediscovered) this when he and his family returned to farming in their home state of California. To his surprise, he realized that much of the Torah is understandable only in an agricultural context! That’s why the Barnes family launched Growing in Torah, a ministry that brings young people to their farm to teach them how to cultivate the land as our Creator intended, and in the process make a deeper connection with Him and with His living Word. Bryan tells us his story over the next three podcasts – and in the process shares some resources to help people of all ages in their walk with Messiah Yeshua.

Barry Phillips and David Jones return to share their observations on how the people of God should connect with one another. That’s the subject of their midrash, “A Camp of Unity.” Mason Clover and Lenny and Varda round out our show with music to uplift and encourage!

To learn more about Bryan’s ministries, visit:

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Reunion Roadmap 8/29/2020 – with Special Guest Marcus Bowman

Is there a spiritual dimension to commerce? Since the Bible has much to say about money and fair business dealings, we can say yes to that question. But how might the people of God use the tools of commerce to build relationships and communities? 

This is what we asked Marcus Bowman as we concluded our visit with him. As BYNA’s Finance Director, Marcus has given much thought to these questions, and he has some inspiring ideas. He also has some wise observation on how to preserve and maintain loving relationships with family and friends who may not share our same Hebraic understanding of scripture.   

Will Spires and Mason Clover return to provide musical illustrations to the midrash by Barry Phillips and David Jones as they conclude their discussion of “Honey on the Ground.”

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Reunion Roadmap 8/29/2020 – B’ney Yosef North America

Reunion Roadmap 8/22/2020 – with Special Guest Marcus Bowman

What is the right way to deal with changes in our perceptions of the world that seem to conflict with the perceptions we have held all our lives – and which our families and friends still hold? 

This is a question the Torah Awakening among Christians has caused multitudes to consider, including Marcus Bowman. In this second part of our conversation with him, Marcus walks us through the process he and his wife, Michelle, experienced as they became aware of some things in scripture that they had not seen in their upbringing.   

Barry Phillips and David Jones share the first part of their midrash discussion on a topic they call, “Honey on the Ground.” Mason Clover and Jimmie Black are our musical guests, punctuating the midrash with two songs of God’s people crying out for revival.

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Reunion Roadmap 8/22/2020 – B’ney Yosef North America

Reunion Roadmap 7/18/2020 – with Special Guest Daryl Duff

Sometimes we need help to see things right in front of us – especially if they are things we have never had reason to notice. That’s what Daryl Duff helps us understand in the second part of our conversation with him. Daryl continues the story of his visit to Cody, Wyoming, with the US Navy Sea Chanters. This is where we hear about the unexpected racial realities he encountered in this charming western town, and how his shipmates responded when they learned of the unpleasant situations he had experienced. 

Daryl’s testimony introduces a deep discussion our Elders share about the difficult times we now face. They call this, “Foundations Crumble.” Kelly Ferrari Mills and Mason Clover round out the program with more of their worship in music.

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Reunion Roadmap 7/18/2020 – B’ney Yosef North America

Why It’s Good to be United in Worship

Here’s what’s coming on Hebrew Nation Radio this Monday, April 23:

Remember that part in the Bible that tells us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem? It’s in Psalm 122 – a psalm that starts like this:

I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord.” (Psalm 122:1)

Are we really glad about worship? The people of God should be. After all, we’re created to worship Him! That means whatever differences we have, whether in personality, opinions, culture, nationality, or anything else, we should be able to agree on and unite in worship of our Creator.

“United in Worship” is a good name for a conference. It’s so good, in fact, that someone is actually using it!

The United in Worship Conference is happening May 11-12 in Jasper, Georgia. That’s the topic of conversation this week as The Remnant Road welcomes Tony Boyatt of the Exodus Road Band and Mason Clover to share the story of the conference. Both of them are experienced not only as musicians and worship leaders, but also in the daily ministry of helping people through life. Worship happens not just in music, but in honoring our Creator by living as He intended. We’ll unpack what that means in our conversation with Tony and Mason.

Want to know more? Check out the conference site at:

While you’re at it, you might want to visit the Exodus Road Band and Mason Clover web sites , where you can find all their music and more!

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