Reunion Roadmap 6/25/2022 – Learning to Be A Kingdom Kid: Kennedy Rios & Susie Boyle, part 2

Everyone is a statistic. It would be best if we were all “good” statistics, meaning law-abiding, God-fearing citizens contributing to their families and communities in positive ways. However, we all fall into the category of “bad” statistics at some point in our lives, and some people never leave that category. Why is that?

In this concluding segment of our visit with Kennedy Rios and Susie Boyle, we probe into that question. Kennedy is working hard to achieve the dreams she has found for her life, but that’s not always the case for people who have come through the challenges she and her siblings have faced. What has made the difference? Kennedy offers some observations from her experience that shed light on that question.

The music of Jimmie Black and Rut Banks powerfully illustrates the life lessons we hear from Kennedy, and from Barry Phillips and David Jones. They examine the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives in a midrash they call “Let the Wind Blow Gideon.” 

Reunion Roadmap 4/23/2022 – In the Business of Gathering: Jeff Apthorp, part 2

When Jeff Apthorp began to examine what the scripture says about the importance of God’s Torah, one theme kept coming to his attention: the pervasive promise of our Redeeming God to regather the dispersed remnant of Israel and all those joined to them. That theme inspired Jeff to create I Will Gather You Radio as a ministry of Founded in Truth Fellowship. He shares that inspiration with us in this second of our three-part visit with him.

The promise to regather all Israel is part of the covenant God initiated with Abraham, and renewed with subsequent generations of Hebrews. This is much more than a contract specifying the obligations and rewards for each party, as Barry Phillips and David Jones explain in their midrash called, “Contract or Covenant?” Entering into this covenant is a life-transforming journey, as we hear in the music of Jimmie Black and Bill Green.

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Reunion Roadmap 2/12/2022 – Pursued to Redemption: Mark Randall’s Story, part 5

What would you do if, at age 50, just as your life is settling into something normal and comfortable, you get the opportunity to go to prison for something you didn’t do? Mark Randall tells us what he did. It may sound strange that he returned to prison with the attitude that he would willingly endure what our Heavenly Father had in store for him. Then again, that’s very much the attitude we read about in Paul’s letters, and in the lives of those entirely devoted to our King through the ages. In Mark’s case, he found something entirely unexpected in federal prison.

One of the things Mark discovered was how to live in community with God’s people in a hostile environment. His experience in Shelton Prison may have been an extreme example, but it highlights the lessons Barry Phillips and David Jones share about the Kingdom community our Messiah is building. Is a matter of loving God and loving others in a deeper way, as we hear in the music of Will Spires and Jimmie Black sing about it in this week’s music  

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Reunion Roadmap 1/29/2022 – Pursued to Redemption: Mark Randall’s Story, part 3

So we get saved, and then life turns out much better, right? All our problems get solved, there’s no more conflict and trouble, and we live blessed, peaceful lives from that point on. Isn’t that how it works?

No, actually. Sometimes – many most of the time – life gets more difficult and the trials become harder. That’s what Mark Randall experienced after our Redeemer broke into his life one night in jail. Mark will tell you he didn’t become a saint overnight. Many other divine interventions kept him on the right track,  or at least kept him from straying too far, but his journey with Messiah Yeshua was rocky from the start.

Mark’s story is actually an encouragement and a challenge to cling every more tightly to our Redeemer. That’s what we hear in the music of Rut Banks and Jimmie Black, and in the midrash Barry and David bring about “Discerning Our Life.”

Mark has done wonders improving BYNA’s online presence as our webmaster. To learn more about his automation services, visit his website at

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Reunion Roadmap 8/21/2021 – highlighting The Ebenezer Home

Stepping out in faith applies at all stages of life. This is something we learn from David Phillips and Samantha LaGoy as they relate the very big step of faith the Ebenezer Home is taking to expand their care for the elderly saints who make their residence at this special place in Haifa, Israel. It’s more than a matter of simply believing what God says, but acting on that belief as a participant in the Almighty’s Covenant.

What our guests share in this show is an example of “Reciprocity of Covenant,” the topic our Elders David Jones and Barry Phillips discuss. It’s also an aspect of our identity in Messiah Yeshua, which we hear in the music of Eved Adonai and Jimmie Black.

To learn more about the Ebenezer Home, visit the website at

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