Reunion Roadmap 8/21/2021 – highlighting The Ebenezer Home

Stepping out in faith applies at all stages of life. This is something we learn from David Phillips and Samantha LaGoy as they relate the very big step of faith the Ebenezer Home is taking to expand their care for the elderly saints who make their residence at this special place in Haifa, Israel. It’s more than a matter of simply believing what God says, but acting on that belief as a participant in the Almighty’s Covenant.

What our guests share in this show is an example of “Reciprocity of Covenant,” the topic our Elders David Jones and Barry Phillips discuss. It’s also an aspect of our identity in Messiah Yeshua, which we hear in the music of Eved Adonai and Jimmie Black.

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Reunion Roadmap 6/12/2021 – with Special Guest Georgina Saunders

When a follower of Messiah Yeshua experiences a connection and call to Israel, then it only makes sense that God would send her to China. Well, it may not make sense in our way of thinking, but that is exactly what happened to Georgina Saunders! As she learned by experience, her time as a teacher in China strengthened her in many ways, and taught her many lessons that would be essential in her journeys to Israel and other places she followed the Holy Spirit’s leading. As each journey unfolded, she gained a new appreciation of her connection with God’s covenant nation of Israel, and an understanding of her identity as part of that nation!

Georgina’s experiences have taught her much about proper perspective about her identity in Messiah Yeshua and how that impacts her daily life. Perspective is exactly what Barry Phillips and David Jones discuss in their midrash, and having our Creator as the center of our perspective is the message in music we hear from Mason Clover and Jimmie Black.

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Reunion Roadmap 2/27/2021 – with Special Guest Nathan Harmon

The most powerful tool a child of God has is our testimony of life in Him. We hear that in the story Nathan Harmon shares about his journey through a very dark and tragic episode that our Creator used as the means of redemption that continues to inspire everyone who hears it. It is not only the story of Nathan’s personal redemption, but how he began to understand the fullness of his identity in Messiah Yeshua.

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David Jones and Barry Phillips carry this theme of identity forward in their midrash on the topic of “National Redemption,” and Kelly Ferrari Mills and Jimmie Black beautifully proclaim the good news of redemption in their musical offerings.

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Reunion Roadmap 2/20/2021 – with Special Guest Nathan Harmon

What comes next after learning how to hunt and fish? How about hunting and fishing better!

We can always improve, and that’s especially important regarding the things related to the Kingdom of Heaven. Nathan Harmon brings that into perspective in the context of the Torah Awakening. This phenomenon in the church has been gaining momentum for several decades, so where do we go from here? As Nathan explains, we should be giving serious attention to sharing this message with our family and friends in the traditional churches in ways that they can understand and receive. 

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Two musicians who have been sharing the Torah Awakening insights for many years are Will Spires and Jimmie Black. They are our musical guests in this show, and along with them Barry Phillips and David Jones share their thoughts on the topic of “Disciple and Love.”

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Reunion Roadmap 1/16/2021 – with Special Guest Josh Tolley

What would you think if someone told you the way we handle money, work our jobs, and relate to our employers is very different from God’s intended order as explained in the Bible? Well, that’s exactly what you’re going to hear in the next three shows!  Our guest is Josh Tolley, speaker, advisor, and author of several books, including Quit Your Job Or Die, and EvangelPreneur. Josh shares some of his experience as both a business owner and a student of the Bible, with emphasis on how our current economic system does not match up with what our Creator intended. This is a paradigm-shifting interview that opens the door to an exciting – and sometimes scary – adventure into alignment with our Father’s intended best for His people. 

It is fitting that we have a word on the subject of Blessing in this show! That’s what Barry Phillips and David Jones bring in their midrash, and with them we have music from Lenny & Varda and Jimmie Black.

You can find out more about Josh at his websites:

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