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From Georgia to Jerusalem

Here’s what’s coming on Hebrew Nation Radio this Monday, April 16:

People who spend any time in the mountains of North Georgia soon learn what it means to be in America’s Bible Belt. The deep evangelical Christian roots of the region speak to a very real faith that has shaped the American South for over 200 years.

So what happens when those evangelical Christian roots encounter the Torah Awakening? Our guest this week can help us answer that question. He has lived through such an encounter!

Tom Eubank is the pastor at House of Scripture in Jasper, Georgia. He and his wife, Cornelia, were among a group of Christians in their area who had awakened to the Torah, realized its applicability to followers of Yeshua (Jesus), and decided to begin meeting on the Sabbath. From their humble beginning in 2012, House of Scripture has grown to a congregation serving as part of an expanding community of Yeshua’s Torah-honoring disciples.

Tom and Cornelia also took part in the recent Connect to Israel tour, and the Third B’ney Yosef Congress. Their story is another chapter in good reports from the Promised Land that we are eager to hear!

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