Reunion Roadmap 1/1/2022 – Pronomian Christianity with Josh Ensley

We’ve heard Josh Ensley explain how his journey of faith in Jesus Christ led him simultaneously to a Baptist seminary and to a Torah fellowship, and how those influences contributed to his exploration of Pronomian Christianity. In this final segment of our conversation, Josh shares his ideas on a definition of Pronomian Christianity, where it fits in the history of the church, and where it may be going. Is this movement linked to the Reformation? That’s where this portion of our visit with Josh begins!

Kelly Ferrari Mills and Solomon Lopez provide the musical accompaniment for this show, with songs rooted in the prayers of scripture, and in the blessed hope of our final redemption. Barry Phillips and David Jones investigate an element of that hope in their discussion of Uncircumcised Lips.

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Reunion Roadmap 12/25/2021 – Pronomian Christianity with Josh Ensley

Is there any reason Torah-honoring followers of Messiah Yeshua should pay hold on to anything carried over from Latin, the language of Rome? The Protestant reformers found a few things worthy of keeping, and there is a line of thinking that the Torah Awakening among Christians today is a continuation of the work begun during the Reformation. Josh Ensley hints at that in this second segment of our three-part conversation with him. Specifically, he refers to the “Five Solas” of Reformed Theology:

1. Sola scriptura: “Scripture alone”
2. Sola fide: “faith alone”
3. Sola gratia: “grace alone”
4. Solo Christo: “Christ alone”
5. Soli Deo gloria: “to the glory of God alone”

In this part of our conversation, Josh shares more of his faith journey, which leads directly to our discussion of Pronomian Christianity, the name Josh and his colleagues use to describe the faith walk of those who follower Jesus Christ (Messiah Yeshua) and keep the Law (Torah). As he explains, the Five Solas are among the important elements of the Christian faith they deem essential to carry forward as we come into a walk that embraces the Torah our Messiah lived out.

This faith walk can be difficult at time, which is why Barry Phillips and David Jones share their thoughts on how to find Encouragement from our identity in Messiah. This message of encouragement inhabits the songs from our musical guests, Teshuva and Lenny & Varda.

Take a look at Josh Ensley’s website,

Click below to listen and download: Reunion Roadmap 211225

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