Reunion Roadmap 4/30/2022 – In the Business of Gathering: Jeff Apthorp, part 3

A good way to bring people together is to emphasize things they share (especially if it’s a common identity). That way, offenses can be minimized even as truth is upheld and relationships are formed and strengthened. This doesn’t mean 100% agreement on all things, but it does help promote unity in diversity.

Jeff Apthorp had this in mind when he started I Will Gather You Radio as a ministry of Founded in Truth Fellowship. As he explains in this concluding segment of our conversation, the people of the God of Abraham, Isaac, share much in common, as is evident in the way they praise Him. That’s why I Will Gather You features a wide range of worship music, from ancient Christian hymns to contemporary Christian, Messianic, Hebraic, and Jewish songs of praise.  

The beauty in this diversity is in the many ways God’s people seek to draw near to Him. There are proper ways to do this, of course, as Barry Phillips and David Jones discuss in their midrash called, “Following and Drawing Near.” Eved Adonai and the Aleph Tav Band sing about this in the special music punctuating this edition of Reunion Roadmap.

To find out more about I Will Gather You Radio, and to download apps for both iPhone and Android, visit the website at

Reunion Roadmap 8/21/2021 – highlighting The Ebenezer Home

Stepping out in faith applies at all stages of life. This is something we learn from David Phillips and Samantha LaGoy as they relate the very big step of faith the Ebenezer Home is taking to expand their care for the elderly saints who make their residence at this special place in Haifa, Israel. It’s more than a matter of simply believing what God says, but acting on that belief as a participant in the Almighty’s Covenant.

What our guests share in this show is an example of “Reciprocity of Covenant,” the topic our Elders David Jones and Barry Phillips discuss. It’s also an aspect of our identity in Messiah Yeshua, which we hear in the music of Eved Adonai and Jimmie Black.

To learn more about the Ebenezer Home, visit the website at

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Reunion Roadmap 7/17/2021 – with Special Guest Rut Banks

Life can be complicated and difficult. That’s why it’s essential to know who we are, and Whose we are!

If you want to know how Rut Banks answers those questions, just listen to her story! We learn a lot about her in this second part of our three-part visit with her. Knowing who she is in her Creator has helped her through both the rough patches and the joys of life, and brought her the point where she can now share this testimony in song.

Our musical segments investigate these same questions, starting with an original song by Rut, and then a familiar exhortation from the Psalms by Eved Adonai. Barry Phillips and David Jones carry the theme of this show even further with their conversation about the question, “Who Do You Say I Am?”  

To hear Rut’s music, visit her website at,

Rut’s husband Michael is a gifted massage therapist serving clients in the Nashville area. Check out his website at Leave At Ease.

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Reunion Roadmap 1/30/2021 – with Special Guest Josh Tolley

If you could make enough money to live for a year by working only a few weeks, would you do it? What would you do with all your time? And if you could make more money that you need, how would you use it? And is this even possible?

Yes, it’s possible! That’s where we start in this concluding part of our interview with Josh Tolley, speaker, advisor, and author of Quit Your Job Or Die, and EvangelPreneur. As we have heard throughout this conversation, Josh challenges our ideas on labor, money, business, and related topics as he examines these things in light of scripture. The result is a paradigm-shifting approach to how we walk out our calling as ambassadors of Messiah’s Kingdom!

Solomon Lopez and Eved Adonai provide musical punctuation to the theme of this show, and in between we have some wise observations by Barry Phillips and David Jones on the topic of Hardship and Healing.

You can find out more about Josh at his websites:

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Reunion Roadmap 1/23/2021 – with Special Guest Josh Tolley

What is more important: getting into a job you like, or setting a goal and finding ways to get there? Think about that question as we listen to Josh Tolley in this second installment of our three-part interview with him. As you might expect from a man whose books have titles like Quit Your Job Or Die and EvangelPreneur, Josh has some radical ideas on the subject of money – both making it, and what to do with it!

This is a show about revelation – as in what our God reveals to His people as we seek Him. Barry Phillips and David Jones explore that topic in a midrash they call, “Burning Bush Moment.” We round out the show with music from two of our regular artists: Mason Clover and Barry’s own Aleph Tav Band.

You can find out more about Josh at his websites:

Click here to listen to the podcast: Reunion Roadmap 1/23/2021 – B’ney Yosef North America

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