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Regard for the Lives of our Animals

Azzurra (Blue), the face that caught my attention at the San Antonio Pets Alive! Paul Jolly Adoption Center.

Azzurra (Blue), the face that caught my attention at the San Antonio Pets Alive! Paul Jolly Adoption Center.

A strange thing happened to me a few weeks ago:  I fell in love with an animal.  It was a complete surprise, and my daughter’s fault.  She and I went out for a Dad and Daughter date, the last part of which was visiting San Antonio’s Japanese Tea Garden.  As we wandered over the paths, we made our way out of the garden and down toward the San Antonio Zoo not far away.  Then we hard dogs barking, and much to our surprise realized that we were walking by a pet adoption center we did not know was there.  Of course we had to go in, and once inside we had to see who was there.  As we made our way to the room with the puppies, I was drawn to the very last enclosure where three pups were kept.  Two of them were most playful and eager for attention, but the third showed no interest in us when we walked in the little room.  In fact, she ducked under the little bed on which she had been laying.  Thanks to my daughter the pup didn’t stay there long; she reached in and pulled her out so the two of us could get acquainted.  That was when I knew I had met my dog.  Without doing anything other than sitting still in my arms, this little dog crawled into my heart in a way no other animal has ever done.  It did not take long before we decided to adopt, and now for the first time in my life I have a dog.

Little Blue, as we call her, has been with us less than a month.  In that short time she has come to enjoy her new home, gaining confidence each day in herself and her new family.  She is far from the timid, fearful little pup I first saw last month.  Although she has much yet to learn, she is showing the signs of great affection, keen intelligence, and the herding instincts one would expect of a cattle dog.  I have always enjoyed the company of animals, but Blue is helping me understand something very important:  the health of our God’s creation depends on the interaction of human beings with animals.

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