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Bridges to Everywhere

Here’s what’s coming on Hebrew Nation Radio this Monday, December 3:

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone would develop a Bible reading plan that included not only the Torah cycle, but all of the Tanakh (Old Testament) and Apostolic Writings (New Testament) as well? That way Yeshua’s followers who are awakening to their Hebraic identity could keep on track with what their Jewish counterparts are studying each week, and read through the entire Bible every year!

It just so happens that someone has done this! And not only that, this service is available in weekly audio format that makes it easy to listen to the whole Word of God! That’s the service Laura Densmore is providing through Daily Audio Torah. This is part of a much larger work Laura has begun called Bridge Connector Ministries, an initiative designed “to bring together and develop ‘lively and living stones’ to create a human bridge to cross the raging river” that has separated God’s people for far too long. As she says, “the function and role of the human chain is to build a bridge between God and man, to join Jew to Christian and Christian to Jew, to join one brother to another. It is the ministry of reconciliation.

Sounds like this might be an attempt to heal a number of divisions that have put us all at odds with one another and hindered the work of our Father’s Kingdom. How did this come about, and how does it work? We’ll ask Laura those questions and more on the next edition of The Remnant Road!

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