Reunion Roadmap 6/19/2021 – with Special Guest Georgina Saunders

Knowing who we are is the key to knowing how we are to conduct ourselves in this chaotic world. How do we know where we are going on this journey of life if we don’t know who we are and to whom we belong? Georgina Saunders knows who she is as a disciple of Yeshua (Jesus), the Messiah and King of Israel. She is not Jewish, but is grafted into the nation of which the Jewish people are the heart. Even after many years is still learning what that means! As we conclude our visit with Georgina, she shares more of what she has learned about being part of God’s covenant nation of Israel. 

The Elohim (God) of Israel is the one who calls us to take part in His redemptive work. That is what we hear in the music of Bill Green and Solomon Lopez. Elders Barry Phillips and David Jones look into the promises and responsibilities of that call in their midrash, Believe in the Elohim Who Believes in You.

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Reunion Roadmap 10/31/2020 – with Special Guest Bryan Barnes

Our Creator is building His Kingdom in more ways than we may realize. Bryan Barnes helps us understand some of those ways in this concluding part of our interview with him. His family’s initiative with Growing in Torah is only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak! Bryan shares with us a bit more about that, and about Messiah West Coast, the youth camp that has been part of their community outreach almost from the beginning. As Bryan explains, their desire is not just to make a difference in their home state of California, but wherever the Lord directs them!

In a very real sense, it is love that has motivated the Barnes family to do what they do. That love starts with our Redeemer, Who first loved us. This is what we hear in this show from the music of Bill Green and Will Spires, and in the midrash from our Elders called, “Love One Another.”

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