Reunion Roadmap 6/25/2022 – Learning to Be A Kingdom Kid: Kennedy Rios & Susie Boyle, part 2

Everyone is a statistic. It would be best if we were all “good” statistics, meaning law-abiding, God-fearing citizens contributing to their families and communities in positive ways. However, we all fall into the category of “bad” statistics at some point in our lives, and some people never leave that category. Why is that?

In this concluding segment of our visit with Kennedy Rios and Susie Boyle, we probe into that question. Kennedy is working hard to achieve the dreams she has found for her life, but that’s not always the case for people who have come through the challenges she and her siblings have faced. What has made the difference? Kennedy offers some observations from her experience that shed light on that question.

The music of Jimmie Black and Rut Banks powerfully illustrates the life lessons we hear from Kennedy, and from Barry Phillips and David Jones. They examine the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives in a midrash they call “Let the Wind Blow Gideon.” 

Reunion Roadmap 6/18/2022 – Learning to Be A Kingdom Kid: Kennedy Rios & Susie Boyle, part 1

Did you ever wonder how many children in your neighborhood might be in need of help? There are probably quite a few, signaling their needs in ways even they don’t understand. It takes some attention, compassion, and discernment to identify those signals, and then it takes courage, love, and patience, to offer help.

We heard about this in a previous Reunion Roadmap interview with Susie Boyle, Outreach Director with Fostering the Family in South Carolina. Now we have the blessing of hearing from the child Susie and her family helped. Kennedy Rios is all grown up now and pursuing a promising future in her hometown of Detroit, Michigan. She’s got quite a story to tell of overcoming obstacles just to connect with the gifted, strong woman God made her to be. We get to hear some of that story in this two-part interview!

Kennedy’s story provides a powerful introduction to the discussion Barry Phillips and David Jones call “Pray.” If the prayers of our parents and grandparents have made a difference for good in our lives, what kind of difference are we making in the lives of our children and grandchildren? Will Spires and Teshuva help us process that question with their musical offerings.  

Reunion Roadmap 5/28/2022 – A Good Report from the Promised Land: Barbara Foerster, part 2

How should we pray for Israel? Given the constant turmoil in the Holy Land, what should be the focus of our intercession?

That’s a question we asked Barbara Foerster during our conversation about her recent visit to Israel. This latest sojourn of five weeks in the Blessed Land covered Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread, as well as many interactions with new and old friends and Israelis of many different backgrounds. As you might expect, Barbara’s intimate knowledge of the land and people of Israel, and her heart of faith in Israel’s God, fill her answers with wisdom!

Our focus on Israel continues through the music of Teshuva and Mason Clover, and in the concluding segment of the midrash Barry Phillips and David Jones call, “Home.”

Reunion Roadmap 5/21/2022 – A Good Report from the Promised Land: Barbara Foerster, part 1

When was the last time you visited Israel?.

What? You’ve never been to the Promised Land? Well, then, maybe you need some incentive to go! Barbara Foerster can help with that. Her recent sojourn in Israel was her first since the Covid pandemic severely restricted international travel. Barbara is no stranger to the Blessed Land, having traveled there so many times  that she now regards Israel as home. She speaks so fondly of that home in this two-part interview that you will be inspired to go there and see for yourself the miracle of Israel!

“Home” is the theme of this show, as we hear in the midrash from Barry Phillips and David Jones in which they look into what scripture says about the eternal home of Yeshua’s people. We also enjoy music about our eternal home through the artistry of House of Aaron and Teshuva.

Reunion Roadmap 4/30/2022 – In the Business of Gathering: Jeff Apthorp, part 3

A good way to bring people together is to emphasize things they share (especially if it’s a common identity). That way, offenses can be minimized even as truth is upheld and relationships are formed and strengthened. This doesn’t mean 100% agreement on all things, but it does help promote unity in diversity.

Jeff Apthorp had this in mind when he started I Will Gather You Radio as a ministry of Founded in Truth Fellowship. As he explains in this concluding segment of our conversation, the people of the God of Abraham, Isaac, share much in common, as is evident in the way they praise Him. That’s why I Will Gather You features a wide range of worship music, from ancient Christian hymns to contemporary Christian, Messianic, Hebraic, and Jewish songs of praise.  

The beauty in this diversity is in the many ways God’s people seek to draw near to Him. There are proper ways to do this, of course, as Barry Phillips and David Jones discuss in their midrash called, “Following and Drawing Near.” Eved Adonai and the Aleph Tav Band sing about this in the special music punctuating this edition of Reunion Roadmap.

To find out more about I Will Gather You Radio, and to download apps for both iPhone and Android, visit the website at

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