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Miriam, Did You Know?

The Annunciation James Tissot

The Annunciation
James Tissot

Recently The Barking Fox looked at the reasons Hebrew Roots believers have opted out of Christmas. Here is an excellent presentation about why we have opted into Hanukkah. As Jane Diffenderfer explains in “Miriam, Did You Know?”, there are many good reasons for all believers in Yeshua to observe this Feast of Dedication, the season when Mary (Miriam) received the news that God had chosen her to bring Messiah into the world.

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The Hanukkah season is upon us, and it is a good time to reflect about the significance of the season in the life of our Messiah Jesus [Yeshua]. We can calculate that the season of Messiah’s birth was during the fall feast of Sukkot (pronounced Sue-coat), also known as the Feast of Tabernacles. The determination of this date is the subject of another article, but the evidence is based on the priestly course of Abijah, the birth of John the Baptist, and the fact that Yeshua began His earthly ministry in His thirtieth year (Luke 3:23). Since theologians have long known that Messiah’s ministry on earth was for three and a half years, concluding during the spring Feasts, with His death and resurrection during the week of Passover, it is easy to conclude that He was born in the fall, most likely the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles…

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Edible Rubies, Liquid Diamonds, and an Ox

BFB140210 The Silver ChairIn The Silver Chair, the fourth book of his fantasy epic, The Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis introduces us to the Underland beneath Narnia.  That dreary, dark world is under the power of a witch who has proclaimed herself queen and enchanted both Prince Rillian, Crown Prince of Narnia, and Underland’s somber residents, the Earthmen.  Rillian is unaware of his enchantment and believes the witch is his savior.  The Earthmen also have no memory of their enchantment; they trudge about day after joyless day doing the queen’s bidding.  Then a miracle happens:  Lewis’ heroes, Eustace, Jill, and Puddleglum free the prince, who kills the queen and puts an end to her enchantment.  This frees all the Earthmen and opens a chasm in Underland leading down to their true home, the Really Deep Land which they call Bism.  As the Earthmen make their way to the chasm and home, one of them invites the heroes to join him:

“Your honours, why don’t you come down to Bism?  You’d be happier there than in that cold, unprotected, naked country out on top.  Or at least come down for a short visit. . . Down there, I could show you real gold, real silver, real diamonds. . . I have heard of those little scratches in the crust that you Topdwellers call mines.  But that’s where you get dead gold, dead silver, dead gems.  Down in Bism we have them alive and growing.  There I’ll pick you bunches of rubies that you can eat and squeeze you a cup full of diamond-juice.  You won’t care much about fingering the cold, dead treasures of your shallow mines after you have tasted the live ones of Bism.”[1] Please click here to continue reading

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