Reunion Roadmap 11/20/2021 – Exploring Stilled Spirits with Hayley Chase

Do we have room in the Body of Messiah for people who sorrow and hurt? We say we do, but what do we learn when we ask some probing questions about our interaction with those who are walking through a lifetime of chronic pain? 

These are the questions we explore with Hayley Chase. The answers often are not encouraging – not because we intentionally exclude those with mental chronic physical health challenges, but because we’re simply not equipped to notice their challenges, nor help them endure and overcome.

This second part of our three-part interview with Hayley introduces a conversation between Barry Phillips and David Jones about adjusting our lives to our Creator’s Plumb Line of Righteousness. Barry and the Aleph Tav Band provide the musical emphasis in this show that investigates some of the practical considerations of living as disciples of Messiah Yeshua.

Check out Stilled Spirits, the Facebook group Hayley hosts that is “meant to be a place where we can share our hearts with honesty.” Stilled Spirits is designed primarily for women who struggle with depression and/or anxiety, but others are welcome.

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Reunion Roadmap 12/12/2020 – with Special Guest Bob O’Dell

What is it that keeps Christians and Jews from getting to know one another on a meaningful level? There are obvious differences, but there are also many points of connection, as Bob O’Dell has learned over the years. Bob joins us to talk about his new book, Five Years With Orthodox Jews: How Connecting With God’s People Unlocks Understanding of God’s Word. Over the next three shows, Bob relates how this book came to be through his partnership with Gidon Ariel at Root Source. Those who understand the Hebrew Roots of our faith and the central role of the Jewish people in God’s plans will appreciate this conversation. Those who are not yet familiar with these topics may be surprised at how much we have in common and can learn from one another!

Bob’s interview is a fitting introduction to the midrash Barry Phillips and David Jones bring on the subject of “Hating Your Brother.” We enjoy as well the music of House of Aaron and the Aleph Tav Band.

Bob O’Dell’s book, Five Years With Orthodox Jews: How Connecting With God’s People Unlocks Understanding of God’s Word, is available in paperback and Kindle at Amazon.

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Reunion Roadmap 11/14/2020 – with Special Guest MelanEE Lisa Davidson

Does God ever give up on anyone? If you ask MelanEE Lisa Davidson, she might shout, “Noooooo! I know that because Papa NEVER gave up on me!”

When you hear MelanEE’s story, you’ll understand why she can be so certain. This is a woman who rejected her Creator as a teenager, and then turned toward a lifestyle of radical lesbianism. Yet, as she explains in this three-part interview, God pursued her relentlessly. Not only did He redeem her, He carried her through years of struggle to overcome all the damage of her rebellious years. This is a story that will challenge you, but will leave you encouraged and in awe of what our blessed Heavenly Father will do to bring His children back.

Check out MelanEE’s memoir, Loved.I.Am! One Woman’s Journey of Shattering Shame Through Experiencing PAPA’S Great Love!, available at Amazon. Also check out her website at

MelanEE’s testimony is a fitting introduction to the subject of our musical selections by Barry Phillips and the Aleph Tav Band, and by Mason Clover. Barry also joins Elder Mark Webb in a discussion about the signs in of the times called, “The Heavens Declare.”

Click here to listen to the podcast: Reunion Roadmap 11/14/2020 – B’ney Yosef North America

Reunion Roadmap 6/20/2020

BYNA’s Strategic Prayer Directors Ron and Candi Runyon continue their visit with us, sharing their experiences of leading our prayer team over the past two years. That includes facilitating a weekly prayer call which does not always involve continuous prayer, but plenty of conversation! How does that contribute to the intercessory work of BYNA’s prayer warriors? Ron and Candi have learned a lot about that! Their answers may surprise you.

The most effective prayer is that which addresses heart issues rather than surface symptoms. Our Elders talk about that in their their midrash, “Perception vs. Reality.” The musical illustrations of their observations come from songs by the Aleph Tav Band and Mason Clover.

via Reunion Roadmap 6/20/2020 – B’ney Yosef North America

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