Weekly Bible Reading for February 21-27 2021: Tetzaveh (You Shall Command) & Purim

This coming week, February 21-27 2021 (9-15 Adar), the Bible reading plan covers the following portions.

Tetzaveh (You Shall Command) & Purim[1]

21 Feb Exodus 27:20-28:12 1 Chronicles 22:1-23:32 Luke 21:29-22:13 Psalm 68:1-7
22 Feb Exodus 28:13-30 1 Chronicles 24:1-31 Luke 22:14-34 Psalm 68:8-19
23 Feb Exodus 28:31-43 1 Chronicles 25:1-31 Luke 22:35-53 Psalm 68:20-35
24 Feb Exodus 29:1-18 1 Chronicles 26:1-27:15 Luke 22:54-71 Psalm 69:1-18
25 Feb Exodus 29:19-37 1 Chronicles 27:16-28:21 Luke 23:1-25 Psalm 69:19-36
26 Feb Exodus 29:38-46 1 Chronicles 29:1-30 Luke 23:26-49 Psalm 70:1-5
27 Feb Exodus 30:1-10 Esther 1:1-10:3 Luke 23:50-24:12 Proverbs 15:1-7
    Ezekiel 43:10-27    

[1] Purim is sundown February 26 to sundown February 27. It is customary to read the book of Esther on Purim. The Ta’anit Esther (Fast of Esther), also associated with Purim, is a dawn-to-dusk fast observed the previous day (February 25).

The complete annual Bible reading plan for 2020-21 (Hebrew year 5781) is available at this link:

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Reunion Roadmap Interview with Josh Tolley

One of our most popular interviews in the history of Reunion Roadmap is our visit with author, speaker, and business advisor Josh Tolley. This interview first aired in three parts during our January 2021 shows. Now we offer the full length interview so you can get the entire paradigm-shifting content in one package! 

Josh goes into much more detail on the revolutionary topics he covers with us, including how to pursue business and commerce according to biblical principles, in his books, Quit Your Job Or Die, and EvangelPreneur. You can get these books and find many more resources at his websites:

Click here to listen to the full interview: Josh Tolley Interview

Reunion Roadmap 2/13/2021 – with Special Guest Nathan Harmon

Think about your high school and college years – whether that was 40 years ago, or you’re still there now. Was there, or is there, anyone who captured your attention and motivated you into a genuine, deep relationship with your Savior? Maybe it was a teacher, an evangelist, or a musician. Such a person would first have to be completely devoted to Yeshua (Jesus). After all, how could they motivate others into such a lifestyle is they didn’t already genuine have a genuine relationship with Yeshua  – a relationship based on a solid life experience (testimony). Now imagine such a captivating evangelist who honors Torah and has embraced his Hebraic identity as part of the covenant nation of Israel. If you can picture such a person, you have an idea what to expect in Nathan Harmon!

 Nathan is our guest in these next three shows, sharing his message of hope, redemption, renewal, and identity in Messiah Yeshua. He and his family carry this message wherever they go. Is this the next step in revival? That’s what we talk about in this high-energy interview!

Check out Nathan’s website at: https://www.nathanharmon.org/

Mark Webb returns in our midrash segment to continue the conversation he and Barry Phillips began several weeks ago on Signs in the Heavens. There are a number of celestial events happening now through the spring that indicate our God is up to something important in human affairs. You can see a video version of this midrash on Remnant of Yisrael at this link: 

Reunion Roadmap Signs in the Heavens #3

We round out the show with music from some of our favorite artists: House of Aaron, and Will Spires!

Click here to listen to the podcast: Reunion Roadmap 2/13/2021 – B’ney Yosef North America

Click here to download: Reunion Roadmap 2/13/2021 Podcast Download


Mark also tells us about these sky charts:

Sky Chart 1

Sky Chart 2


Sky Chart 3

Sky Chart 4

Only Following Orders?

Adolf Eichmann (in glass booth on left) on trial for crimes against humanity in Israel, 1961. Photo via Yad Vashem.

It is said that evil triumphs when good men do nothing. Maybe it’s more accurate to say that evil triumphs when good people get so caught up in the business of life that they stop pursuing righteousness. So if they are not pursuing righteousness, what are they pursuing? And what slips by while they’re not looking?

Jeremiah 5:20-31; Matthew 26:40-41; 1 Corinthians 10:1-12 

Click here to listen to the podcast:


Music: “Luftwaffe March,” The Band Of The Staffordshire Regiment (The Prince Of Wales’s), Staffords: Music By The Band of the Staffordshire Regiment, MM Military,2012.

Weekly Bible Reading for February 14-20 2021: Terumah (Offerings)

This coming week, February 14-21 2021 (2-8 Adar), the Bible reading plan covers the following portions.

Terumah (Offerings)[1]

14 Feb Exodus 25:1-16 1 Chronicles 11:1-47 Luke 18:35-19:10 Proverbs 14:11-15
15 Feb Exodus 25:17-30 1 Chronicles 12:1-13:14 Luke 19:11-28 Proverbs 14:16-20
16 Feb Exodus 25:31-26:14 1 Chronicles 14:1-15:29 Luke 19:29-48 Proverbs 14:21-25
17 Feb Exodus 26:15-30 1 Chronicles 16:1-43 Luke 20:1-18 Proverbs 14:26-30
18 Feb Exodus 26:31-37 1 Chronicles 17:1-18:17 Luke 20:19-40 Proverbs 14:31-35
19 Feb Exodus 27:1-8 1 Chronicles 19:1-21:30 Luke 20:41-21:9 Psalm 66:1-20
20 Feb Exodus 27:9-19 1 Kings 5:12-6:13 Luke 21:10-28 Psalm 67:1-7
  Deuteronomy 25:17-19 1 Samuel 15:2-34    

[1] The Shabbat preceding Purim is called Shabbat Zachor, the Sabbath of Remembrance. Haman, the villain in the Purim story, was a descendant of Amalek. Since the Torah includes a command to remember what Amalek did to Israel, it is customary to read the applicable passages from Deuteronomy 25 and 1 Samuel 15.

The complete annual Bible reading plan for 2020-21 (Hebrew year 5781) is available at this link: