PSN Devotions Season 3 (2022)

    • Yakety Yak and Blah, Blah, Blah, January 22, 2022. Obviously we don’t get into the Kingdom of Heaven simply by doing good works, or do we? We rightly claim that salvation is by God’s grace and mercy, but then we look down on those who stray into legalism, as we call it, by trying to do what the Bible says. Somewhere there’s a balance between saying we’re saved and not living like it, and living like we’re save, but having no peace. Maybe we find that balance by learning who we are, and Whose we are.
    • Faith Without Hats, January 15, 2022. What is our real motivation for following God? Do we really want to be His people, or is there some hidden motive – a motive we even hide from ourselves?
    • Becoming Little Donkeys, January 8, 2022. Human beings made in the image of our Creator are supposed to resemble our Creator in the way we think and act, but more often than not we tend to think and act like beasts. There is hope, though: our Creator makes a way for the redemption of beasts.
    • Pawns of Redemption, January 1, 2022. Is humanity nothing more than so many pawns in a cosmic game of chess between the powers of good and evil? Yes, and no. It’s true that we are the instruments of either good or evil (or both), and that we are the prizes sought by our Creator and our Adversary, but there is a key difference: unlike the pawns in our chess matches, we actually have a choice about which roles we play.
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