Reunion Roadmap 9/19/2020 – with Special Guest Bryan Sanchez

It may take years for a person to get to the place where they are ready for our Father to reveal something that has been hidden in plain sight. Once they get it, though, there is no stopping them! The excitement at finally understanding leads to vision and motivation to make a difference for others in accordance with the Father’s desires. 

That is what happened with Bryan Sanchez when his friend Solomon Lopez helped him understand his identity as part of the commonwealth of Israel. Having already served faithfully with Christians United for Israel (CUFI) to bring the divided halves of God’s covenant people together, Bryan eagerly embraced this new understanding as it helped him answer longstanding question about the relationship of Christians and Jews. How that happened and what he is doing with his new understanding is the subject in this concluding segment of our conversation with him.

In this show we also have the second part of “Salvation and Righteousness,” a conversation between Elders Frank Houtz and Barry Phillips about the meaning of familiar words that we might not really understand. All of this is accompanied by the uplifting musical talents of Eved Adonai and Melody Joy Cloud

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Reunion Roadmap 9/19/2020 – B’ney Yosef North America

Reunion Roadmap 9/12/2020 – with Special Guest Bryan Sanchez

How is it that a person could be in church all his life, serving the Lord with great enthusiasm, and not have read the Bible? Bryan Sanchez can tell us because that’s his story! It was only after years of hearing a family talk about Israel that he began to pay attention, and by investigating the scriptures for the first time learned of the place Israel and the Jewish people hold in God’s esteem. That is what brought him to his position as the representative of Christians United for Israel (CUFI) in his hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas – but that is only the beginning of Bryan’s story! 

Along with Bryan Sanchez, our Elders Frank Houtz and Barry Phillips share the first of a two-part conversation about “Salvation and Righteousness,” and we enjoy the music of Solomon Lopez and Lenny and Varda.  

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Reunion Roadmap 9/12/2020 – B’ney Yosef North America

Reunion Roadmap 8/29/2020 – with Special Guest Marcus Bowman

Is there a spiritual dimension to commerce? Since the Bible has much to say about money and fair business dealings, we can say yes to that question. But how might the people of God use the tools of commerce to build relationships and communities? 

This is what we asked Marcus Bowman as we concluded our visit with him. As BYNA’s Finance Director, Marcus has given much thought to these questions, and he has some inspiring ideas. He also has some wise observation on how to preserve and maintain loving relationships with family and friends who may not share our same Hebraic understanding of scripture.   

Will Spires and Mason Clover return to provide musical illustrations to the midrash by Barry Phillips and David Jones as they conclude their discussion of “Honey on the Ground.”

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Reunion Roadmap 8/29/2020 – B’ney Yosef North America

Reunion Roadmap 8/22/2020 – with Special Guest Marcus Bowman

What is the right way to deal with changes in our perceptions of the world that seem to conflict with the perceptions we have held all our lives – and which our families and friends still hold? 

This is a question the Torah Awakening among Christians has caused multitudes to consider, including Marcus Bowman. In this second part of our conversation with him, Marcus walks us through the process he and his wife, Michelle, experienced as they became aware of some things in scripture that they had not seen in their upbringing.   

Barry Phillips and David Jones share the first part of their midrash discussion on a topic they call, “Honey on the Ground.” Mason Clover and Jimmie Black are our musical guests, punctuating the midrash with two songs of God’s people crying out for revival.

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Reunion Roadmap 8/22/2020 – B’ney Yosef North America

Reunion Roadmap 8/15/2020 – with Special Guest Marcus Bowman

Which is easier: the journey to a new home half a continent away, or the journey into a new dimension of one’s walk of faith? Marcus Bowman can address that from personal experience! He and his wife, Michelle, grew up in a close community in Indiana, but early in their marriage moved to Washington State to plunge into new opportunities. At the same time, they journeyed from their denominational heritage of the Old German Baptist Brethren into the Torah Awakening. Those simultaneous journeys brought them to the Administrative Council of B’ney Yosef North America, where Marcus now serves as BYNA’s Finance Director. In this three-part interview, he shares their story, as well as his vision for helping connect the people of Ephraim through commerce.  

Along with Marcus, we have music from Solomon Lopez and Will Spires, and Barry Phillips and David Jones are back with a midrash they call, “Return and Quiet.”

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Reunion Roadmap 8/15/2020 – B’ney Yosef North America