Reunion Roadmap 01/14/2023 – Steve Wearp: One with Israel, pt 1

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Steve Wearp has such a passion for Israel that he and his family have shaped their lives around connecting with the Jewish people and the Promised Land. We visited with him to learn about his sojourn in Israel during the latter part of 2022 – a sojourn that included the High Holy Days and the election season that brought a new conservative government to power. In this three-part interview, Steve shares with us what he observed, and how his connections with Blessed Buy Israel, Nations’ 9th of Av, HaYovel, and their Jewish and Christian partners are walking out the promises of Israel’s restoration and final redemption. 

Steve’s message is one of hope, but it’s not always a popular message among the mainstream that doesn’t understand the importance of Israel and the centrality of the Jewish people in God’s redemptive plans for the nations. People tend to reject uncomfortable truths, but they also reject questionable ideas. How do we tell the difference? Barry Phillips and David Jones address that question in their midrash, “Rejection Is Not Validation,” a discussion illustrated by the music of Dylan White

Want to know more about supporting the Jewish pioneers of Judea and Samaria? Check out these links:

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