Reunion Roadmap 11/19/2022 – Called From The West: The Journey Of Tzefania Pappas, Pt 3

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The promise of Israel’s restoration has been in the process of fulfillment for many centuries, but only since the mid-twentieth century has that fulfillment become apparent to the entire world. Until then, only a few believed it would actually happen, and fewer still worked actively to bring that promise into reality. Now the miracle of Israel is there for all to see, and for all who understand God’s promises, to ask what He will do in the next part of this process.

This is the topic of conversation with Tzefania Pappas in  this concluding segment of our interview with him. He begins by sharing some little-known stories of what God was doing among the Jewish people in the land of Israel during World War I. You may be surprised at how those fascinating stories have a direct connection to us who even now await the final redemption of all Israel.

God’s promises about Israel’s final redemption indicate that the nation will be restored in righteousness. What exactly is righteousness, and how does it apply to us in our daily lives? That’s what David Jones and Barry Phillips investigate in their midrash called, “Like A Tree,” and what we hear in the music of Will Spires and Lenny and Varda.

Tzefania has been blessed to take part in a number of developments in Ephraim’s awakening over the past two decades. One is the March Through the Arch in 2008, a video of which is available here:

e is also the co-founder of Beyond the Mountain, which can be seen at the following links:

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