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Here are some questions for all those Hebrew Roots believers out there: What caused you to begin digging into the Hebrew roots of your Christian faith? What tools did you find to help you in this journey? Did you have any trouble finding someone or something that could answer your hard questions? Do you suppose there are others who are coming along this same path a few steps behind you who are just as desperate for some help?

Remembering my own journey is what motivated me to help my friend Pete Rambo put together his book, Repairing the Breach. He did such a good job that I had no hesitation writing a positive review of his work. (If you want to know what Repairing the Breach is all about, check out my review on

Now Pete has responded to another nudge by the Holy Spirit to get this important work out to a much wider audience.  The opportunity is with World Net Daily’s affiliate, World Ahead Press, but he needs our help to do it.  That’s why Pete has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for the publication.

Why is this important?  And why should you consider taking part?  Read this testimony of the impact Repairing the Breach has already had on one family –  

How RtB changed a man’s life and marriage

I listened a few minutes and realized his wife was ‘all in’ and he, not understanding even basic Hebraic thought, was here to protect her.  Later, I found out she was fervently praying for him and was happy that he had even come to dinner.  His plan, as I understood it, was to not participate at all.

My passion is to compassionately and clearly explain what we believe, and why, from the Scriptures.  I have a Masters of Divinity and ten years of experience in the pulpit of a Presbyterian church, yet the Father opened my eyes and showed me much more than the Reformed traditions I was reared with.  When this gentleman we were providentially seated next to mentioned his Presbyterian background, I had my opening.

We talked about twenty minutes in a conversation that began tensely, but he quickly softened as I simply answered directly from the Scriptures with empathy.  Where others may not have had answers or been able to deal compassionately, I could relate and speak from the unique position of having been an ordained minister who is thoroughly convinced of the veracity of the Hebrew roots message.  We parted friends and I offered that if he had other questions during the Summit, to please find me.  I encouraged the hard questions.

Minutes later, it occurred to me that I had copies of Repairing the Breach on a vendor table out in the lobby.  Immediately, I went and retrieved a copy then searched for the gentleman.  I did not find him, but I found his wife in conversation, so I autographed the book and asked her to give it to her husband in hopes he would take the time to read it and process the material.

Repairing the Breach is an ordered compilation of articles I wrote for this blog as a defense of what I was seeing in the Scriptures.  My intent when assembling the book was to accurately and empathetically convey the Messianic message while challenging the reader to re-evaluate inherited traditions and doctrines.  It is written for the seeker, but has sufficient ‘meat’ that the seasoned Messianic will come away both learning new things and being better equipped to defend his faith.

Well, the story of our couple in Mesa did not end with me giving away the book, though I did not hear anything else during the event.  That was February 2017.

A member of our home fellowship group, Tom Lewis, travels to Israel for all of the pilgrim feasts.  He has been doing so for about six years and had developed many contacts and connections throughout the Land.

This year he and his bride sat for Pesach with a group in Jerusalem.  At the table was another mutual friend from Jordan and my name came up.  As I understand it, another guest at the table heard the name and perked up.  She explained that her husband supported her trip to Jerusalem for Pesach but was unable to come.  Then, she related the above story about Mesa and revealed that her husband is the man to whom I gave Repairing the Breach.  The book, and the Ruach, had turned things around in their marriage and her husband was growing in understanding!

Praise Yah!!

This is not the first such story I have heard.  Repairing the Breach is making a difference and needs to be in the hands of many people like this husband!  Because it is self published, getting the word out has been a challenge, however, right now we have a very special opportunity to make a HUGE impact in Christendom.  As most of my readers know, World Ahead Press, the publishing arm of World Net Daily, the largest Christian news site on the internet, would like to republish the book and advertise it to hundreds of thousands of outlets.  Understandably, they would like us to shoulder the risks, but I believe the rewards will be great!

I need your help. Together, we can change lives and accelerate the paradigm shift that is happening in Christendom by bringing this book to the mainstream!

Help bring Repairing the Breach to mainstream Christians!!

To order a copy of the book in self-published form for friends or family, go here.

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