The Jerusalem Debate – Why Should We Want To Go To Jerusalem? | The Lamb’s Servant


By Bob Parham

Following is a quick list of why we should WANT to go to Jerusalem:

  1. It’s a command. ( Ex 23:14-17) (Ex. 34:23-24) (Deut. 16:16)
  2. You will be HAPPY if your heart is set on going to Jerusalem. (Psalms 84:5)
  3. Your weeping is turned to blessing. (Psalms 84:6)
  4. You go from strength to strength. (Psalms 84:7)
  5. You meet with Yah there. (Psalms 84:7)
  6. Yah causes those holding your children and brothers captive to be kind to them and set them free. (2 Chronicles 30:9)
  7. You learn to revere Yah’s name always. ( Deut. 14:23)
  8. You will have long life. (Deut .6:2)
  9. Blessings for you and your children. (Deut 4:40; 6:2-7; 11:2-21; etc.)
  10. You will want to reconnect to your brother Judah and to the land. (I Kings 12: 26-27)
  11. You will eat in the presence of YHWH. (Deut 14:23)
  12. You can join with YHWH in making Jerusalem a place of praise. (Isaiah 62:6-7)

I’m sure there are hundreds more reasons to want to go up to Jerusalem for the feasts.  As you think on more, write them down.  Never let someone talk you into losing your joy for Jerusalem.  If it’s extremely important to YHWH, shouldn’t it be as important to you?



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