How Did We Get Here? Prophetic Discussions about Politics on The Remnant Road

It is election time in the United States and Americans are realizing that our political system has produced a dismal choice of candidates to lead this nation.  “The lesser of two evils” is the apt description of the decision voters will face on election day – provided they decide to vote, that is.  Perhaps the greater question, however, is how we got to such a place.  What has happened to American society that we must deliver the nation’s fate into the hands of leaders whose character is at best questionable? 

This is the backdrop for a series of what may be called prophetic political discussions on Hebrew Nation Radio’s The Remnant Road.  The guests on these programs present slightly different views on the topic, but their conclusions are strikingly similar.  Philip Haney, a retired Federal law enforcement officer, approaches the subject as an insider who did his best to alert the government about Islamist infiltration, only to suffer bureaucratic backlash.  Michael Payne comes from the perspective of a Spirit-filled freelance journalist who has observed the creeping apostasy of the organized church in America.  Douglas J. Hagmann contributes his experience as an investigator who has gained an understanding of the hidden forces shaping the fate of America and the world.

The conclusions these men reach should come as no surprise to those who are paying attention.  The United States, and the world in general, has come to a point of great moral decay largely because the people of God have ceased to hold fast to YHVH’s standards of righteousness.  Judgment looms, which is why this current election cycle in America is the most important in the nation’s history. 

160509 Phil HaneySee Something, Say Nothing
– Philip Haney
Hebrew Nation Morning Show – The Remnant Road, 5/09/16
What is fitna and what does it have to do with me?  As Phil Haney explains, fitna is an Arabic word with various meanings involving trial, affliction, or distress.  Muslims experience fitna when someone or something contradicts the tenets of Islam.  The way to deal with it is to remove the insult to Islam.  Often that means removing the person who has done the insulting – even if that person is a long time neighbor or coworker.  Fitna has much to do with the average American since it appears that our leaders and our society have chosen to avoid fitna and appease Islam rather than uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.
This is how our visit with Phil begins.  As a recently retired from the Department of Homeland Security and longtime expert on Islam and Middle Eastern cultures, he is well qualified to talk about security issues on many levels.  Phil documents his experiences in his newly published book  See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad.  Listen in and find out where our conversation carries us!
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Payne podcastChoosing Between Jezebel and Caesar – Michael Payne
Hebrew Nation Morning Show – The Remnant Road, 5/16/16
Politics is the topic in this intense conversation with Michael Payne, author of the blog A Call to Order.  The question we examine is what the people of YHVH are to do since we apparently are presented with a choice between two unrighteous candidates in the upcoming US presidential election.  We delve into the character and background of Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, but mostly we discuss what happened in America to bring this nation to the point of having no other options as our potential leaders.  That means we talk about uncomfortable things like the lack of righteousness in the Body of Messiah and the great falling away from YHVH by those who profess allegiance to Him. What is the remnant to do when even the veneer of righteousness is stripped away?  Is there any hope for America?  If these are questions running through your mind, then this is a discussion you will want to hear.
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160523 HagmannDeadly Distractions – Douglas J. Hagmann
Hebrew Nation Morning Show – The Remnant Road, 5/23/16
Is there really a “globalist cabal” working through a long-established plan to undermine the United States of America and the current world system?  If so, what do they want to put in its place?  Is there basis in Scripture for such a thing?  What are the people of YHVH to do about it?  Is the fabric of society disintegrating all around us even though everything appears to be normal?  We discuss all of these questions with investigator and author Doug Hagmann of The Hagmann Report.  As he says, “We’re all being gamed.”  Those who are watching for the End of Days are expecting some great “event horizon” like a massive war or global economic collapse to usher in the Great Tribulation.  What they may not realize is that nothing will seem out of the ordinary before then, even though the signs are apparent to those who dig a little deeper.  Listen as Doug discusses some of those signs he has uncovered in thirty years of investigative work.
Want to know more about Doug Hagmann?  Check out his new book, Stained By Blood: A Murder Investigation, at
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Author: Albert J. McCarn

I am a lifelong disciple of Jesus (Yeshua) of Nazareth, an avid student of the Bible, a devoted husband and father, a 29-year veteran of the United States Army, and a historian who connects people with their own stories.

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