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Just Let Me Go Home

Sometimes life can get so hard that we’re ready for our Creator to take us home. But what do we really mean by that? And

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What Love Is

We all want to experience love, but do we really know what it is? And if we don’t know what it is, how can we

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Praying for Babylon

It’s easy to pray for those in authority when they are good to us, but how do we pray for those we don’t like, or

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So Many Chickens

Choosing life rather than death sounds simple enough. Who would have a problem making such an obvious choice? But is it really that simple when

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Only Following Orders?

It is said that evil triumphs when good men do nothing. Maybe it’s more accurate to say that evil triumphs when good people get so

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The Trial of Not Knowing

The hardest part of any trial may not be the trial itself, but waiting for it to begin. Psalm 79:5-13; Luke 18:1-8; Revelation 6:9-11 Click

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