Rebuild Season 4 (2023)

Recycled Kingdom

These days we’re supposed to recycle everything. That’s actually something we learned from our Creator. He’s been in the recycling business from the beginning –

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Delegation of Fire

The fact that our Creator delegated authority over the earth to our first ancestors indicates that He intended all of us to walk out some

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Forever War

If war is so terrible, why do we embrace it so easily? Maybe the answer is more complicated than we like to think. It’s one

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Working Without Tools

We are fearfully and wonderfully made, equipped by our Creator with some amazing capabilities. Yet if we apply those gifts and abilities outside the Creator’s 

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Authority to Break

Our Creator has been delegating His authority from the beginning. He’s got some very important reasons for doing that. We’re miss those reasons, however, if

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The Steppingstone of Fear

Fear is a fundamental element of the human condition. Too often, our fears paralyze us, or leave us vulnerable to the manipulation of others. What

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