Job and His Friends Ilya Repin
Job and His Friends
Ilya Repin

The new Hebrew year 5776 begins a new cycle of Torah readings.  Truly there is no end to the revelation that can be drawn from the Torah and its connections to the rest of Scripture, but this year The Barking Fox is doing something different with the weekly Fox Bytes Bible commentary.  Fox Bytes 5775 provides commentary for a full year of Torah readings, and future volumes of Fox Bytes will return to the Torah cycle.  This year, however, we will delve deeply into selected books and topics with the intent of learning something about how to live within our Creator’s design parameters.  Job provides a suitable starting point for this quest.  Through his story we may find out something surprising about YHVH’s definition of righteousness.


1.  When Good is Not Enough.  Ezekiel 14:12-20.

2.  Uncomplicated Good, Unrelenting Evil.  Job 1:1-2:13.

3.  Questionable Consolation.  Job 3:1-5:27.

4.  I’m Still Here.   Job 6:1-7:21.


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