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What The Barking Fox has been in operation since December 2013, and some of the pieces you’ll see were originally drafted many years earlier. That means this blog reflects the evolution of my thought on biblical subjects (including biblically-rooted analysis of current events) over about two decades. Refinements in learning, perspective, and understanding happen constantly, and from time to time that means it is best to remove or update posts, often in the interest of correcting my own errors, and even more often in the interest of removing content that seemed good at the time, but which I have come to regard as uncharitable (that’s a polite term for “rude, offensive, and potentially libelous”). This is especially true regarding articles that portray others in the covenant community of Israel (Jews and Christians of all streams) in a less-than-positive light. If I have learned anything over these years, it is that God alone determines who is in His Kingdom, and therefore I have no interest in casting stones at any brother or sister simply because we disagree.

As of the summer of 2020, much of the new content on The Barking Fox comes from the many ministries to which I have the blessing of contributing. As a rule, look for regularly scheduled products to come out per the following schedule:

Prayer Surge Now Devotional Thoughts: 10 minute recordings of devotional thoughts presented at the Prayer Surge Now weekly prayer call, posted every Sunday.

Reunion Roadmap: 50 minute podcasts by B’ney Yosef North America featuring interviews, music, and biblical commentary, posted on Tuesday (three new podcasts monthly.

Current Events Simplified: 20 minute videos by Founded in Truth with historically-grounded commentary on global events, posted every other Thursday

In addition to these regular posts, articles, videos, podcasts, and other content from these ministries, Fostering the FamilyNations’ 9th of Av, and other outlets will go up weekly as they are produced.

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