Margot Crossing & Richard Hewitt: Lost Tribes Institute, Part 2

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Is it too much to believe that  Israel’s exiles migrated all the way to Japan? Margot Crossing and Richard Hewitt address that question in this second part of our conversation. It’s a question that Japanese scholars Arimasa Kubo and Kengo Nagami, among others, have been investigating for many years. They are among the contributors to the Interconnectivity of Ancient Israel in Asia Symposium that Margot and Richard attended in November 2023. From what they share with us, it seems that symposium will be remembered in years to come as the launch of the Lost Tribes Institute. 

How do we know this is an initiative from the Lord? How do we know if anything is the Lord’s leading – especially when He seems to be taking us the opposite way we think we should be going? That’s the topic of discussion in this week’s midrash from David Jones and Barry Phillips called, “When YHWH Leads You the Wrong Way.” Spoiler alert: the answer has something to do with how much we trust our God, as we hear from our musical guests, Laura Metzing and Samuel & Benjamin Wearp.

To learn more about research on Israel’s Lost Tribes, check out the following links:

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