Worship and Warfare for Israel with Teshuva Music

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Have you noticed the connection between Israel’s current war and the war Abraham waged against the kings of Mesopotamia who invaded the Promised Land and took his family members hostage? If you haven’t noticed that connection, consider reviewing Genesis 14, and while you’re at it, take another look at Psalm 83.  Here’s a hint: from the very beginning, Israel’s wars have taken place both on the physical battlefield, and in the spiritual realms. That’s true of the biblical wars in ancient times, and of the modern wars as God has come through on His promises to regather and restore Israel. 

This is why our Jewish brethren of Israel need spiritual warriors skilled in prayer, praise, and worship to call on the God of Israel to complete His redemption of His Covenant Nation and bring victory in this current war that began with the brutal invasion by Hamas on October 7.

Are you up for the challenge? Then come to Lebanon, Tennessee, on December 13 and join Teshuva Music in a night of worship and prayer for the nation of Israel. Come and do battle with us in the spiritual realm!

Click on this link to reserve your place:

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