Reunion Roadmap 11/11/2023 – David Nekrutman: A Covenant Relationship, pt 2

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One obstacle in building healthy relationships between Jews and Christians is the relative ignorance each has of the other. That’s something David Nekrutman talks about in this second part of our four-part conversation. He begins by addressing the many Judaisms of the First Century which shaped the environment in which Yeshua of Nazareth lived – a subject that most Christians don’t understand, but which would greatly enhance their faith as they learn the historical and cultural context of the Gospels.  David then goes on to describe the difference between Christian-Jewish relations and Christian support for Israel. Are they two different things, or two interrelated parts of the same interfaith dynamic? 

There is something prophetic about the growth of Jewish-Christian dialogue in recent years. Barry Phillips and David Jones touch on that in their midrash, “Sign of His Coming.” We hear other aspects of it in the music of Laura Metzing and Rut Banks.  

Want to hear more from David Nekrutman? Here are some helpful links:

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