Reunion Roadmap 09/02/2023 – Festival in a Box! The Simka Foundation, with Dr. Gayle Timberlake, pt 3

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What is the difference between happiness and joy? The answer may be surprising. As Dr. Gayle Timberlake explains, simka is the Hebrew word for joy, and her Simka Foundation is in the business of helping Christians learn about and receive the joy of the Lord in ways they might not have previously known were available to them. To learn more about the Simka Foundation, visit the website at

Sukkot, the Feasts of Tabernacles, is all about rejoicing in our God’s presence. However, it takes considerable preparation to be ready to rejoice and receive His joy in return. That preparation period, commencing in the sixth Hebrew month of Elul, is the subject of conversation as Barry Phillips and David Jones share their “Thoughts on ELUL.” It’s also the subject of the music shared by Dylan White and Laura Metzing

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