Reunion Roadmap 06/24/2023 – Clint Lalum: Friend of Israel, pt 1

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Many people feel called to Israel, but few can move there if they don’t qualify under Israel’s Law of Return. However, miracles do happen, as Clint Lalum explains. He recently moved to Jerusalem, where he serves on the staff of Christian Friends of Israel. In this three-part interview, Clint shares the series of miracles that brought him to Israel, how he came to understand God’s call for him to be planted there, and what it takes for a Christian ministry to make a difference for good in the Jewish State.

Clint’s story is testimony that God does call and equip people for specific works, even if others do not recognize that call in them. That’s a topic David Jones and Barry Phillips investigate in their midrash, “Responsible Shepherds, Accountable Sheep.” They are joined by our musical guests, Samuel & Benjamin Wearp, and Laura Metzing

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