Reunion Roadmap 05/27/2023 -Partners in Redemption: A Conversation with Dean Bye, pt 2

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How many Great Commissions are there? That question came to Dean Bye in the early years of his work helping Jewish people make aliyah and return home to Israel. Like most Christians, he knew of only one Great Commission, but there is another that directly impacts what Dean and his family and friends are now doing through Return Ministries, the Aliyah Return Center, and the Altar of Prayer. We learn about that in this second part of our three-part conversation with Dean.

Dean’s obedience to God’s call has caused him to get up and take action – especially the action of traveling to and sojourning in the Blessed Land of Israel. That, too, is part of God’s commandments for His people. How it applies to us today is the subject of “Three Feet,” the midrash by David Jones and Barry Phillips. Barry goes on to sing about this, as does Will Spires in his latest musical offering.

Check out these links to learn more about Dean’s work and see how you might join him in this Kingdom process of the restoration of all Israel:

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