Reunion Roadmap 4/16/2022 – In the Business of Gathering: Jeff Apthorp, part 1

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Jeff Apthorp has been in the business of gathering people since his teenage years. That’s what brought him into a career in Christian radio, where he built and maintained networks that broadcast the good news of redemption in Messiah Yeshua across the globe. Now that he’s retired, he continues to pursue that passion with the inspiration of our Creator’s promise to gather and restore all of Messiah’s kingdom. That’s the vision behind I Will Gather You Radio, a new internet station Jeff has launched a a ministry of Founded in Truth Fellowship. How that vision developed is the subject of our three-part interview with Jeff.

Will Spires and Solomon Lopez share that same vision of Israel’s complete regathering. They’ve been writing music about it for years, as you’ll hear in the songs they share on this program. Then Barry Phillips and David Jones share another perspective on the subject in their midrash on Metzora, which they call, “Examining Ourselves.”

To find out more about I Will Gather You Radio, and to download apps for both iPhone and Android, visit the website at

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