Wrestling With Existence

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People are always seeking peace, but what do they mean by that? It may be that true peace is much more tightly linked to our identity than we have imagined. So then, if there is no peace on earth, what does that really say about us?

Genesis 6:9-11:32; Isaiah 54:1-55:5; Proverbs 29:18; Luke 17:26-30

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Music: “Tannhäuser Overture,” Richard Wagner, performed by Marek Janowski and the Philharmonia Orchestra, Tannhäuser – Highlights, Teldec Classics International 1991.

Illustration: A postage stamp issued by the Third Reich in 1933 is one example of the influence on Hitler’s Germany of Richard Wagner’s music and the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche incorporated in Wagner’s music. (Alois Kolb for the Reichspost of the German Empire, via Wikimedia Commons.

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