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Something exciting has just happened to The Barking Fox: there’s a new Barking Fox video channel on! You can find it at:

As with all humble beginnings, this new venture will proceed slowly at first as I become more adept at producing and uploading new content. Some of that content will be features already on the main blog site, such as the Devotional Thoughts from Prayer Surge Now, Reunion Roadmap podcasts, and (hopefully) a new version of Current Events Simplified. However, the real motivation for creating the channel is something new: exploring the founding principles of the American Republic.

Exploring American Foundations With The Barking Fox will be the premier program on The Barking Fox channel on Brighteon. This program will investigate the founding documents of the United States of America, looking into their history, content, intent, meaning, and applicability to the present. The goal is to acquaint viewers with the godly principles and motivations of our Founders, and provide resources for further study. Citizens so informed will be better able to understand the present circumstances in our country and take part in the processes to restore the Republic. The program will investigate the Biblical underpinnings of the Founders’ worldview, and how they applied that worldview to the governing documents they created. This will equip viewers to investigate how these American principles of government might have a place in the global Kingdom of our God and His Messiah.

That’s the general description. Now to start producing content! We’ll start with a series on the Declaration of Independence, and then move on to the Constitution. Thorough investigation of both documents in their historical context will probably take us through all of 2021, and then we’ll figure out where to go next!

If all goes as planned, the first episode of Exploring American Foundations will be posted this week, with new episodes to come out weekly.

Thanks to everyone who has provided advice and encouragement on this project. Please continue to send your suggestions and comments as the new programs come up. And in the meantime, please visit The Barking Fox on Brighteon and share the channel with your friends! The great thing about Brighteon is that it’s free, and my ability to upload new content increases with every view. So please, please, please, like and share. ? ? ? ? ?



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