Weekly Bible Reading for December 6-12 2020: Vayeshev (And He Settled)

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This coming week, December 6-12 (20-26 Kislev), the Bible reading plan covers the following portions.

Vayeshev (And He Settled) & Chanukah[1]

06 Dec Genesis 37:1-11 2 Samuel 1:1-2:17 Mark 2:18-3:12 Psalm 31:15-24
07 Dec Genesis 37:12-22 2 Samuel 2:18-3:39 Mark 3:13-35 Psalm 32:1-11
08 Dec Genesis 37:23-36 2 Samuel 4:1-5:25 Mark 4:1-20 Psalm 33:1-11
09 Dec Genesis 38:1-30 2 Samuel 6:1-7:17 Mark 4:21-41 Psalm 33:12-22
10 Dec Genesis 39:1-6 2 Samuel 7:18-9:13 Mark 5:1-20 Psalm 34:1-10
11 Dec Genesis 39:7-23 2 Samuel 10:1-11:27 Mark 5:21-43 Psalm 34:11-22
12 Dec Genesis 40:1-23 Zechariah 2:10-4:7 Mark 6:1-30 Psalm 35:1-10

[1] Chanukah is sundown December 10 to sundown December 18. Since Chanukah is the Feast of Dedication (or Rededication) of the Temple, the customary reading is Numbers 7:1-8:4 (read in portions over the eight days of the feast), which tells of Israel’s offerings at the dedication of the Tabernacle. December 12, the Shabbat during Chanukah, has a special reading from Zechariah 2:10-4:7, the prophet’s vision of the menorah in the heavenly Temple. Also, it is customary in synagogues to read Numbers 7:1-8:4 in portions over all eight days. This passage relates the dedication of the altar in the Tabernacle.

The complete annual Bible reading plan for 2020-21 (Hebrew year 5781) is available at this link:

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