Weekly Bible Reading for November 8-14 2020: Chayei Sarah (Life of Sarah)

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This coming week, November 8-14 (21-27 Cheshvan), the Bible reading plan covers the following portions.

Chayei Sarah (Life of Sarah)

08 Nov Genesis 23:1-16 Judges 14:1-15:20 Matthew 18:1-20 Psalm 18:20-31
09 Nov Genesis 23:17-24:9 Judges 16:1-17:13 Matthew 18:21-35 Psalm 18:32-50
01 Nov Genesis 24:10-26 Judges 18:1-31 Matthew 19:1-15 Psalm 19:1-14
11 Nov Genesis 24:27-52 Judges 19:1-30 Matthew 19:16-30 Psalm 20:1-9
12 Nov Genesis 24:53-67 Judges 20:1-48 Matthew 20:1-16 Proverbs 4:1-9
13 Nov Genesis 25:1-11 Judges 21:1-25 Matthew 20:17-34 Proverbs 4:10-19
14 Nov Genesis 25:12-18 1 Kings 1:1-31 Matthew 21:1-22 Proverbs 4:20-27

The complete annual Bible reading plan for 2020-21 (Hebrew year 5781) is available at this link:

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