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bfb170131-restitution-of-all-thingsHow big is the Torah Awakening?  It’s big enough to motivate the CEO of the world’s largest Christian website to write a book about it.

The book is The Restitution of All Things:  Israel, Christians, and the End of the Age, by Joseph Farah, Chairman, and CEO of World Net Daily.  The description of Farah’s work says:

The Restitution of All Things is a primer on the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith that will forever give you a new appreciation of the work Jesus did on the cross, and will answer these provocative questions:
– What does the Bible clearly teach about the ultimate solution to the Middle East conflict?

– Is the story of the New Testament really grace vs law? Or has grace always been around and is the law forever?
– What is the ultimate destination of redeemed mankind – heaven or earth?
– Why is there so much focus in the prophecy world on events leading up to the return of Jesus and so little about what follows?
– What is the central conflict Jesus has in the gospels and what was the great error of the Pharisees?
– Is it possible today’s believers in Jesus could be making the same error as the Pharisees of His time?
– Have Christians replaced Israel as the people of promise?

In promoting the book, WND recently published the report of an interview Paul Maguire conducted with Farah on GodTV two years ago in which he outlines many of the ideas presented in the new work.  Enjoy reading the article, which is reposted below, and then consider not only looking at Farah’s book, but at the questions he asks.

How Christians Will Recognize Jesus Again:  Joseph Farah Interview Anticipates

Published in World Net Daily, January 29, 2017

Warner Sallman first drew his famous Christ picture in charcoal. It was colorized later.
Warner Sallman first drew his famous Christ picture in charcoal. It was colorized later.

When the Jewish people finally received their Messiah, the vast majority did not recognize Him.

When He returns, will Christians make the same mistake?

That’s the fear WND founder Joseph Farah expressed in an interview with Paul McGuire on “Apocalypse and the End Times” on GodTV. It was part of a wide-ranging conversation about how the last days will be far different than what many believers expect.

“Who is Jesus and how is he going to come back?” Farah asked. “You know, a lot of people missed Jesus the first time He came. Most of the Jews did not recognize Him as their Messiah. They had a misunderstanding of how the Messiah was going to come. And they were going a lot by man’s teaching rather than going back to the Scriptures. And I wonder, when Jesus does come back, if many people in the church are going to miss Him too.”

The interview took place two years ago and anticipates many of the themes in Farah’s new book, “The Restitution of All Things.” The book reveals one of the great mysteries of the Scriptures, describing the Millennial Kingdom, the “Great Hope” spoken of by the prophets.

Farah believes the form of Jesus’ return is going to surprise many Christians. And he warned in the interview how believers need to be educated about what to expect so they are not misled into following a disastrous deception.

“This Jewish guy is going to come back, on the Mount of Olives as prophesied, and He’s going to become King of Israel,” Farah said wryly. “And the whole world is going to center around Israel at this point. Are they going to recognize him? Or are they going to be fooled by an imposter that we call the Antichrist who is going to do all kinds of signs and miracles, et cetera?”

Truly becoming knowledgeable about the Bible and the roots of the Christian faith is a passionate concern of Farah’s, who urges all believers to examine their beliefs.

“More than a billion people in the world call themselves Christians – how many of them are authentic Christians?” he asked.

“What is the basis of our faith in Jesus, Yeshua? It’s the Hebrew prophecies that predicted how He would come, when He would come, where He would come and all that. I think too many Christians don’t even understand why Jesus is their Lord and Savior and how he is going to be the King of Israel.”

As Farah explained in the interview, eschatology and prophecy are particularly important to him because it was how he was won over to Christ after spending a dissolute youth as a communist activist.

“I was an unregenerate, crazy young person,” Farah recalled. “My background is with the far, far left, even in high school, arrested in all sorts of demonstrations. I used to help start riots and building takeovers at Colombia University as a teenager. [It continued] until I got into my latter years in college, where I befriended a guy who today is still my best friend today. He was the son of a Spanish-speaking minister and he was witnessing to me, and he gave me Hal Lindsey’s ‘Late, Great Planet Earth,’ this is shortly after it came out. I read it and it made total sense to me.

“It was the prophecy angle that spoke to me. It made sense that if there are prophecies that have been fulfilled in the past and there are prophecies to be fulfilled in the future, I got a pretty good feeling they are going to be fulfilled in the future. The track record is 100 percent. That’s what got to me and I believe it reaches a lot of people.”

But prophecy isn’t just about the future. It’s also about studying the Scriptures to understand the real roots of Christian belief. As Farah sees it, those roots are Hebrew. And he called for the church to reject the disastrous implications of “replacement theology,” the idea God no longer has any special destiny in mind for the collective Jewish people.

New York Times bestselling author Joel Richardson wrote “When A Jew Rules The World,” a devastating critique of “replacement theology.”

It was a book Farah himself said he wished he had written.

“I felt like the Spirit was leading me to connect Christians with their Hebrew roots because we’re grafted into the promises granted to the House of Israel through our faith in Yeshua, Jesus,” he said. “It’s something so simple and important for Christians to understand, because if you can’t explain your faith to others, you really have to question what your faith is based on.

“Did Jesus come to start a new religion? No – he preached only to the House of Israel during his earthly ministry. The Apostles did initially also and only later, decades later perhaps, did they recognize that perhaps Gentiles could be part of this, and it’s such a blessing that we are. The notion of replacement theology is why Israel still is the most controversial country in the world today.”

Farah says there is a real movement among Christians to emphasize the Hebrew roots of the religion and the prophecy community is leading the way. In the Millennial Kingdom, he explained, believers may find themselves shocked at how “Jewish” it is, as he believes the feasts will be observed and the Sabbath will be observed. The ideas are explained in more detail in “The Restitution Of All Things.”

“We’re rediscovering those Hebrew roots which are the roots of our faith, and if you don’t acknowledge that, you’re in for a rude awakening when Jesus comes back,” he said.

He mourned the average Christian’s lack of knowledge about the Millennial Kingdom and the earthly rule of Jesus.

“If you ask the average Christian about that, they have no understanding,” he explained. “We’ve got to perfect and redeem this world. To bring it back to the Garden of Eden – that’s the goal, that’s what Jesus is coming back to do, and to rule and reign from Jerusalem with a rod of iron.

“Are people prepared for this sweet Jesus that they read about in the New Testament to rule and reign from Jerusalem with a rod of iron? These are questions I think it’s important for Christians to challenge themselves with.”

Farah also described how WND’s biblical worldview distinguishes it from every website of comparable reach in the world. When the site started 20 years ago, he said, the goal was to pass, then the largest website in the world.

“That actually happened a few years after we started, much faster than I thought,” he said.

The veteran newsman’s observations on CNN and the collapse of trust in the establishment media among the American public shows Farah identified the critical weakness of the liberal press Donald Trump was able to seize on during the campaign.

“Today [two years ago] the largest news site on the Internet is CNN, which is to me as strange as MSNBC was back then because it is not doing well as a news network,” he observed. “But people around the world still believe that CNN is a credible news agency. In the United States, that’s not true. They have no audience on television to speak of. A large audience for them on a specific show would be 100,000 people watching, which is nothing.”

However, just because WND is a Christian site does not mean it compromises its journalistic integrity and pursuit of truth. Nor is WND’s purpose to preach purely to the converted.

“We don’t go out shouting that we’re Christian, it speaks for itself, in the same way the New York Times doesn’t say ‘we’re the liberal, secular, humanist newspaper of record,’” Farah said. “They don’t say that. [Similarly,] we want to talk to everybody. We don’t want to just talk to believers, that wouldn’t be satisfying to me at all. We want to reach the lost as well as the saved.”

The approach has made WND not only the largest Christian news site, but the largest Christian website in the world, an “amazing thing,” Farah said. But ultimately, Farah is still the same “newspaper guy” he always was, and he sees WND as an “online daily newspaper” bringing the facts to the people.

This approach to pursuing the facts wherever they lead is also what characterizes Farah’s interpretation of the Bible. As Farah said repeatedly in the interview, the Bible’s promise of Jesus ruling an earthly kingdom from Jerusalem is surprising to many Christians. But the answer, he says, is there for all to see.

“Study the Bible and see if I’m telling you the truth,” he said.

Joseph Farah’s new book, “The Restitution of All Things: Israel, Christians and the End of the Age,” represents a radical new Judeo-Christian view of the Bible, with an eye toward a new world to which Peter told us all the prophets pointed.

Source: How Christians will recognize Jesus again

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