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Among the most popular posts on The Barking Fox are the Pictures for Pondering (Part I and Part II).  At the suggestion of a good friend, I have added a page on the top menu called, not surprisingly, Pictures for Pondering.  The page now contains all the images posted so far, including the new one featured here.  Ideally there would be new images each week, but that may be too ambitious a promise.  Suffice it to say that the additions to the page will happen periodically – either as inspiration comes to me, or as others share clever images that are suitable for this blog.  

The intent is to provide food for thought through visual connections with Scripture.  Sometimes these will be connections of Scripture to Scripture as we see the Word of God interpret itself.  Sometimes they will be visual commentary on current events with prophetic implications.  The image offered here is of the latter type, lifted from the last week’s coverage of a highly significant event by The Times of Israel last week.  Consider this as it is intended:  a possible connection that is perhaps worthy of further consideration.  It is neither more nor less than that.


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